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3 Texting Secrets Men Can’t Resist (Use #3 TONIGHT)

Do you know how to get his heart racing using nothing more than a simple text message?

If not then you need to watch the video I have for you this week…

Get my *free* mini texting crash course

These are literally 9 text messages you can copy from the document and send right away to become the most intriguing woman in any guy’s life.

If you have a friend you want something more with, a lover you want to commit to you, or a partner you want to reignite the spark with, these messages will help revive the situation.

Under each I explain the psychology as to why they work.

And you can get free, instant access here

Have an amazing time putting these into practice!

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"9 Texts No Man Can Resist"

63 Replies to “3 Texting Secrets Men Can’t Resist (Use #3 TONIGHT)”

  • I love how I know when you’re going to post on Saturday night. Why do you want my email? You already have it ;) Gotta love the winkie face

    1. That color shirt is great on you Matthew. I love when men wear pink or salmon. The V neck is a bit feminine & metro-sexual for such a masculine hot guy like you though ;) The crew neck t-shirts I have seen on you in the past are a much hotter masculine look on you sexy.

  • Hm … Noticed slight change in your attitude .. Back in UK u acted in a more cute manner.. Now you are bit ” American “..” Tired of making the video” kind of:)I preferred old Matthew..

    1. Oh common Lena, he just wants to give us the feeling of being casual when approaching texting because he knows that lots of women who are dating is holding their breath on every move they make. So his attitude is to inspire us to relax, be funny, be casual and approach things in an approachable manner that wouldn’t scare men away. It’s also for you to take it easy if thing doesn’t work with one guy out and move on to the next opportunity. Isn’t he cool?

  • the link for the 9 texts doesn’t work. when entering my name and email it says: Invalid value provided for: _UserCountryName0

  • Matt the Guy I been with for 5yrs message me just what you said on the Video ..I going to try 9 texts get back with you to see Thank BP

  • Thank you Matt for sharing this for free…I definitely will try out this tips that you given here…Going to test them out…

  • What is a nice way of getting a guy to do what he says he is going to do? I have a guy who says he will call but something always comes up and he doesn’t call. It’s a bit frustrating when they say they will do something and then don’t. Plus when he does call I am busy and feel bad for blowing him off. I just don’t know how to phrase that in a way a guy will understand.

  • I’ve tried multiple times to access the texts but have been unsuccessful (despite 2 diff email addresses). I’m a member of both GTG and KTG and do receive other emails, unsure why this is not working. Any help is appreciated,thanks

  • Hahahahaha used one of these this morning & plans to use a few more this week Thank you! Mathew for all the Awesome
    Work & advice!!!!!!!

  • I never know what to say when I get a “hey” text or “what’s up” text. Immediate boredom…

  • Hey Matthew,

    I don’t know what to reply when I get a “What’s good ?” or “What are you up to later ?” text.

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