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The Secret to Irresistible Charisma In 3 Words…

I was a guest on a radio show in New York, doing my normal thing, when all of a sudden the host blurts out: “Three. Legged. Dog!”

… What??

My mind scrambled. I was live on air, fumbling for something to say as I tried to make sense of those three words.

What dog? Why does it have three legs? What is he talking about??

This is the story of how I learnt the most important 3 secrets to charisma in one life-changing conversation.


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15 Replies to “The Secret to Irresistible Charisma In 3 Words…”

  • It is a funny “metaphor” but you have been talking about the issue how to overcome the loss of an important person…

    So you changed the issue to a “communication” issue, which is interesting but you lost the original issue.

    To get to the issue which are the women actually waiting for an solution please consider THAT A DOG NO MATTER HOW MANY LEGS IT HAS EVEN GOES TO DIE WHEN IT LOSES AN IMPORTANT PERSON IN ITS LIFE !!!

  • Absolute loved it! Want more to learn how to interact and impact with people!!!
    Although link is not working Argh… where can I find that document?

  • Loved the dissection! My favourite part is how he had full control of the room after repeating the concept and pausing. The breathings and curiosity were palpable.

    Now, I have a challenge for you and I believe you’re the one cut up to solve it.
    Ten years ago, when I was a teenager, I found the number of my crush in my second-hand history book. We started texting, great energy, great chemistry, but… he hid himself behind another identity (as I later on confirmed- my town is tiny plus we both live one block away!). So, when the encounter happened, someone else showed up. That was it for me!
    A year later, a dear and close friend of mine confessed me that she had also texted him, giving him tips and info about me; and assured me that he had been head over toes for me.
    Time passed by, and now, because of timing I guess, he reappeared. Of course in a mysterious way, a enigmatic phone call with a song (as teenagers calling on the phone and not talking was a valid vivacity…as teenagers again) in relation to an instagram post and hastags clues.
    So, I’m interested in him and I would very much like to start dating him, so…what can I possibly do? This is a completely atypical and messy situation. I sincerely don’t know when I’m standing on, but I want him to come out of his shell and own it! My imagination has come to nowhere when thinking about something I could do to improve this scenario.
    Matthew, Stephen, please don’t laugh at me…too hard. Sorry for such a long post, I did summ it up a lot!

    Again, I loved this post of yours. And I thank you for the healthy midset that you’ve given me with your content…However these are special circunstances I want to clear up once and for all. I ask for your wisdom!

  • This metaphor reminds me of the poisoned arrow…..
    Imagine that a man is walking along a path in the forest and suddenly, out of the trees, comes an arrow and steers you in the thigh. When the arrow goes into your thigh, do you say to yourself, “I will not have this arrow pulled out until i know the origin of this arrow, the name of the person shooting it, if he is a male or female, or whether he is tall or short or black or dark or if this is an ordinary arrow, or a razo-arrow, or an iron arrow, or a calf-tooth arrow.” Or do you just pull out the arrow and get on with it as your life in this world is limited and endless speculation brings you no closer to the truth.

    :) Lovely

  • Two-headed turtle!

    A few years ago I was visiting family in San Diego when I went into an art gallery in the Gas Lamp district. A friendly guy behind a counter asked me if I’d ever seen a two-headed turtle. I said “no”. So he went downstairs and came back up and put a small turtle with two heads on the counter. Great conversation starter and it made me feel special that he went to that bother for me! I’ve never felt so welcome in a gallery, which, as I’m sure you know, can sometimes be intimidating.

  • I effing loved this. I’ve done Impact and read Behind the Curtain- both were outstanding. Would so value a follow-up video or new course on how to get better (step by step) at leading pattern breaks in social conversations, business dealings, and relationships. I recognize and appreciate what Elvis did but I’m not sure how to go from that awareness to practical application :) Thx!

  • I can definitely agree. I have a three legged dog of my own, and she runs faster than my “fully intact” dog. Great video!

  • That was great. I know you talk about Impact but I actually liked the meaning he was getting to. And he’s right. A dog does just go out there and immediately starts living its best life. And I am too. Right now. Seriously, I’m out the door right now.

    Thanks, Matt!

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