Now, More Than Ever, Knowing How to Tell Your Story
is the Key to Making an Impact.

Learn My Behind the Scenes Secrets
to Captivate Any Audience in the First 5 Minutes

If you’ve chosen to come here, that means you’re a person who wants more from life:

More love, more career opportunities, more charisma, more confidence to go after the things your heart desires most.

You and I are a lot alike.

Which is why I’m about to hand you – for free – my 6 secrets of charismatic storytelling to own the first 5 minutes of any interaction.

My brother, Stephen, wrote this guide because he knew it would bring you so much value to break down my exact process: How to hold anyone spellbound in the first 5 minutes.

After all, most people mistakenly think that charisma is something you’re just “born with,” but in sharing this free guide with you, you get to discover that charisma is something I learned and put into practice… and you can, too!

Now I know we’re living in a strange time right now… The term “social distancing” is in our everyday vocabulary. Our work meetings take place over video chat, if at all. We date over FaceTime. You may think, does charisma even matter right now?

YES! Now more than ever!

Right now, we are all hungry for connection… longing to be captivated… Just imagine the impact you’ll make when you learn how to powerfully tell your story.

All you have to do is use these 6 simple techniques… the same techniques I always apply to take control of the first 5 minutes of whatever I’m faced with (and not just major TV appearances and seminars in front of thousands, but in meetings with my team, on calls with my friends, when meeting new people...these can be applied everywhere, to everyday life).

And just think: I use these on TV in front of the entire country – imagine what they can do for you on a video chat! Then, soon enough, we’ll all be back out in the “real world,” and you’ll know how to own any room you walk into: meetings, speeches, dates, you name it.

With the guide, Stephen also included the audio from a recent radio interview I did, and he reveals to you how I applied each of the 6 techniques. Using the guide and audio together is a powerful combination, and I know it will make a huge impact on your life.

Just make me one promise: that you’ll try the 6 techniques yourself, both today, and out in the “real world” soon. You’ll be shocked at the results you get!

To owning The First 5,
matt xx

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