The 3 Compliments Guys Never Get Tired Of Hearing (iHeartRadio)

Despite my show with iHeartRadio only being available in the U.S., I’m working with Jameson (my infamous cameraman) to get a video of an episode out to you every week so you’re not missing out on content.

In this week’s episode I cover 3 ways to make him feel like a man. Enjoy!

1) “You’re such a guy.”

This doesn’t even sound like a compliment – but it makes him feel like a man, and that’s all that matters.

2) “I love that you make me feel so safe.”

Again, this is a compliment that plays to his masculinity, but in a more serious way. Now he feels like he’s strong around you, and will look for opportunities to make you feel safe as a woman.

3) “You’re so great. I feel bad for other women that I got you.”

If you’re with someone, make them feel amazing around you.

Immediately he now feels like the most special guy in the room.


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23 Replies to “The 3 Compliments Guys Never Get Tired Of Hearing (iHeartRadio)”

  • Thanks, Matt for more content, especially around the holidays!

    Is there anyone else doing the New Year’s Eve challenge? I’m wondering how it’s going?

  • YAY you just made my day Matt ! I am very happy that you chose to share your radio pods here on your blog ! Thanks a lot !

    Have a great day everyone :D

  • These are good ideas. I would definitely only use them if I really meant them, though. Still looking for a guy I feel really safe with or lucky that I got. Thanks, Matt.

  • Hey Matt!!

    Great Point! I wish all the women in the world would listen to you, and leave that philosophy of making a guy fear of leaving her because heś not good enough. Thatś the way of the dark side :P. The honourable jedi way is to to what you just said. Positive Energy generates more positive energy.

    Take care, and Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

  • Zero that I could possibly roll my eyes on what you’ve said!! Those were 3 awesome advices!! Matt I hope you could keep letting us being aware of your radio show. A few weeks ago I was in the US and specially took my time to listen to all your radio show advices. They were so good that I had to tape a few to bring back home :) (please dont tell! haha).

    Kisses and all the best!

  • It’s really easy for me to say “You’re such a guy” to the one I like because he does guy stuff all the time. But I had to think a moment for the second one. Does he make me feel safe? He is a really small guy and I could probably beat him in a fight, physically. My dad, otoh, is 6’6 and built like a linebacker. I’ve always associated being with my dad as being safe, and his size is part of that. So at first I was like “well that won’t work. He’s not going to beat someone up for me, he can’t.” (my dad never did either, but he could have) But then I realized that statement is still true. I feel safe being myself around him. I feel safe around him because I know I have someone on my side looking out for my interests too. I trust his heart because I know him and know he really is kind and selfless. To me, that is more important than having a bodyguard.

  • Hi Matt,

    That was really great advice!! I am going to try the last one on a guy friend of mine.

    Merry Christmas !!!


  • Yay! Thanks so much for these Matt! Been dying to listen to your radio show!! Definitely try give us more! Love you!!

  • Matt, do you think you could do a video blog on selling yourself as a female In your professional? Would love to see more videos on how to advancing your life socially as a female, be it, ways to talk to strangers, selling yourself to future employers, etc. Just basic social situations for females where we could use some guidance. Value your thoughts so much! I am living in Aspen, CO now because of you. Thank you for all you do. Your words have transformed my life.

  • Yes I made him feel so great but he left me because I wasn’t making me feel great…I gave too much, forgot about me…….Lesson learned !!!

  • Do you ever feel slightly guilty knowing that when women eventually take over the world you were aiding us by selling secrets and weapons of mass destruction… not even selling, you gave it away.

    When we have men building pyramids in honour because we love it when they make us feel safe or feeding us peeled grapes because they’re ‘such a guy’ when they do that, lets hope history remembers you as fondly as we do!

    Just a thought ^_^

  • What you said about that last statement, about how you don’t want to build someone up too much or they’ll leave you.

    I dated a guy who lived by this philosophy when he started going to the same college as me. When he got there, he saw all of the things I was getting involved in (volunteering, starting up clubs on campus, starting to work in a lab, and a whole lot of other cool stuff). I still made time for him, we most of our meals together every day, we did our homework together, and we had a date night every week. I did everything I could to make sure he knew that he was special to me. However, he did not like all of the confidence that I was gaining from all of these experiences. Whenever I talked to him about doing something new, he would tell me that I wouldn’t be good at it andI shshouldn’t even bother. Even in regular conversations he try to make me feel like crap so I wouldn’t get “too confident”. And for a time it worked; he made me afraid to leave my comfort zone. Then the way he talked to me and about me necame more and more degrading. I got to a point where I couldn’t take it anymore and decided that I deserved more than that, and I left him.

    I then chose to be in relationships that allowed growth and with people who see and appreciate my value (and aren’t afraid of my confidence). I’ve even told those guys that I felt safe around them (before ever seeing this or your other videos) for this very reason, because it was true.

    And I know that other women have gone through the same thing. Just remember how that felt before you try doing the same thing to the guy you’re with, because someone with high value is not going to put up with that shit.

    1. My apologies on the type-os and such >.< I guess my mind was going too fast for my fingers to catch up, but I felt so strongly about this because it's so true!

      By the way, I absolutely love your videos Matthew. They are very thought provoking, and I look forward to what topics you'll go over in the future :)

  • I like a lot of what is said by matt and perhaps this part is implied somewhere in this clip…but lets not forget we need to believe the compliments we are paying. For those of us (me), who find ourselves lowering our standards, could compliment a guy who doesnt deserve the praise but we want to keep them (men) around. When i listen to some of this i have to keep reminding myself that this (life and relationships) is NOT a game.

  • Yes but praising a player or egomaniac doesn’t mean they will stick around which is what those women you refer to would have experienced. I enjoy making people feel good but not when it’s followed with disrespect or lack of reciprocation. Its tricky out there!

  • I think I couldn’t use ‘you’re such a guy’ because I’d use it in a negative sense. Like if a guy doesn’t want to ask for directions, I’d say “you’re such a guy”.

    1. I forgot to add that men do the same to women and say “you’re such a girl” but they mean it in a negative sense, never in the sense that you’re a strong, sexy woman.

  • “I told my friends how lucky I am to have such an amazing guy.” Your bragging to your girls is the best. Showing him off to your world makes him feel special. And yes, guys want to feel special too.

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