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Social Circle

Why Your Social Circle Is So Important When It Comes To Meeting Men

It’s unlikely you’re going to find you man sat in front of your computer staring at Facebook on a Friday night.

Or how about those nights with the girls where you always have one too many? The nights where you’re more likely to come home with a McDonald’s than a man!

Look at your average week’s worth of social activities. How many of these activities provide opportunities to meet men? Chances are if your spending time with the same people in the same places you are not opening yourself up to the prospect of meeting new people.

Your social circle, the places you visit and the people you visit them with are a massive factor on your dating life. If you’re not adding new acquaintances and new activities to your diary your unlikely to be adding phone numbers either!

Here are some simple Do’s and Don’t for expanding your social circle and changing the way you socialise:

Do try something new

Starting a class, joining a gym or taking up a sport will not only improve your quality of life, helping you achieve something you want but also open you up to a whole range of new people.

Don’t be afraid to visit these places alone

Whether it’s a coffee bar or a painting class, you are less intimidating alone and therefore more likely to be approached. Also, putting yourself in these positions forces you to be sociable.

Do change the way you party

Try suggesting a night out without alcohol instead having the purpose of meeting and talking to new people. Or change the people you party with, in order to expand your social circle you could join one of your girlfriend’s on a night out with her work friends or accompany her when she meets her with her old university friends.

Don’t limit your nights out to just ‘one too many’ with the girls

There is nothing more intimidating and off putting then a group of screeching, drunk girls and the men that do approach them are unlikely to have good intentions!

Don’t be afraid of new people!

Too many people would turn down an invite to a wedding or a dinner party because they ‘won’t know anyone there’. That’s exactly the point! If Mr Right was already in your social circle you would probably be with him by now so get expanding!

Remember expanding your social circle isn’t just about meeting men. Introducing yourself to potential new female friends means opening yourself up to the males in their social circle as well!

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