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Signs Of Attraction From Men

The Obvious And Not So Obvious Signs of Attraction From Men

Plenty of women find it pretty difficult to decode a man’s signals when deciding whether or not he’s attracted. So let’s discuss the signs of attraction from men obvious and not so obvious that will let you know PRECISELY what he’s thinking!

It seems men are either one way or the other: They are either so blatant with their approach that you can’t fail to notice or they are so subtle that you have no idea that he even likes you!

Signs of attraction from men are actually not that difficult to notice, but you have to be perceptive and put yourself in their shoes. To try and ease the confusion, I’m going to share some signs and signals that you may have already missed….

1.  Positioning and eye contact

Lets take the obvious situation of being in a bar on an evening out.

If a guy likes you he is going to be looking over at you and your friends. If he is trying to make eye contact with you and his friends start to look over in your direction, then it’s a pretty safe bet that he has attraction for you.

If he then backs this up with slowly moving over to you and your friends and dancing near you then the likelihood is that he wants to start conversation.

2. Staying in conversation

Another good trick men use to signal that they like you is to send their friend over first to make conversation with you, and then joining in later and allowing their friend leave.

This is a good sign. He may well even come over and start talking to one of your friends before he eventually feels comfortable enough to talk to you. So look out for signs of attraction from men when they use their friends as wingmen or a decoy!

3. Does he try to re-initiate conversation?

Don’t feel the need to keep talking constantly. Allow there to be a little lull when a conversational thread runs dry and wait to see if he tries to re-initiate conversation.

If he tries to find something new to ask you, it’s likely that he’s interested. If he wasn’t interested, he would just excuse himself and leave when the conversation runs dry.

I find many women are not positive enough when it comes to accepting signs. Don’t to be self-deprecating if you notice a guy is looking over at you. Remember men will make a quick judgment about whether they are attracted to you, so when you think you see a sign, don’t automatically think you are imagining it!

You may find you need to start changing your attitude to be a little more arrogant about being attractive to men! So, if you like him, don’t ignore the signals, take confidence from that and use them to your best advantage.

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