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long distance relationships

Long Distance Relationship Advice – How To Make Sure You Don’t Lose Touch

Romance doesn’t always conform to convenience.

I’m always wary when giving long distance relationship advice. Many people doubt that a long distance relationship has the potential to succeed. But with a little luck, a little know-how and the effort and determination it takes, there is no reason why you can’t live happily ever after.

There are three things that every woman should know before committing to a long distance relationship…

Know When You’ll Be Together

This is perhaps the most crucial piece of long distance relationship advice I can give you. Envision being together. Actually have an enticing picture of where you’re going to live, what it’s going to look like, and what what you’re going to be doing, makes it all the more likely that it’s going to happen. Let’s not kid ourselves; long distance relationships are tough, and sometimes we need that incentive to keep us going. And for me, whether it’s a relationship, my work or my health, I always find that by attaching my emotions to the end goal, I’m all the more driven to get there.

As well as having a long term picture, you absolutely have to know exactly when it is you’re next going to see each other. Similarly to what I talked about in, 3 first date tips for women, with a long distance relationship, you always have to know what’s going to happen next – and you should make the future plans when you’re actually with one another, rather than leaving it all to do over late night Skype phone call.

Have Two Modes Of Communication

Many long distance couples resort to using either Skype or the telephone as the sole means of staying in touch. By all means choose one of these, but I think it’s a nice touch to have a more romantic and more personal way of staying in touch, that doesn’t involve any 21st century technology.

Something I particularly love is letter writing. Putting pen to paper unlocks something in your mind that allows you to be more imaginative, sincere and genuine, rather than shooting off a quick email or text. Writing a letter takes time and much thought, but it’s the best way of really sustaining a connection with someone. Also, you’ll have them to keep, which can be great to look back on in years down the line. You can personalize your messages with your doodles, and maybe even a spray of your perfume so you know he’s thinking of you.

Have The Right Foundations From The Start

There is no room whatsoever for suspicion or distrust in a long distance relationship. Everyone has doubts at times, but you can’t become a hawkshaw, trying to find out everything he’s doing, all of the time. If the relationship is ever going to work then you need to have full trust in one another.

To best way to build this trust is to ask the important questions from the onset. Make a roadmap for what you’re going to do and how you’re going to achieve it, and then stick to it no matter what.

See yourselves as a team conquering the distance between you; ruling over all those who have failed before you. Make the time you do spend together unforgetable and defy the distance.

When it comes to long distance relationship advice, the more hints and tips you have up your sleeve to surprise a guy with, the better the odds of you succeeding together.

Now you know the basics of making a long distance relationship succeed, it’s crucial you know what to do to really move things along for the future…

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