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Keep Your Man Happy

Simple Tips To Keep Your Man Happy

Here’s a big question, how do you keep your man happy? A huge part of keeping a guy happy is keeping him interested.

A relationship is like a car, it won’t go anywhere without any fuel. When you neglect to feed your relationship in various ways, it runs flat and goes stale naturally.

So how do you avoid the boredom-trap that so many relationships frequently succumb to these days?

Ask yourself these 2 questions

  • Have you both gotten lazy?
  • What did you do differently when you first started going out?

After a while we can all get lazy in our relationships.

From now on, make an effort to schedule at least one date-night a week; one night in the week where you both make an effort to dress up nice for each other.

Tease him and drive him wild

On your date-nights, drive him wild by whispering in his ear about how much you can’t wait to get him home, and how good its going to be when you do.

This kind of teasing is paramount if you want to keep your guy attracted to you.

Spontaneous texts

Don’t forget to flirt! The odd flirty text here and there will also keep your man hugely attracted.

Now and then let him know the naughty thoughts you’re thinking about him to make him want you, or even just a sweet text to send his heart fluttering.

Note: Always remember the golden rule with texts: use them sparingly, but effectively!

Signs you both still care

Make it a habit to give each other little gifts regularly. Don’t just save presents for special occasions!

If you see something that makes you think of him, then get it. Nothing expensive, just something that will remind him of you. The more personal you make the gift, the better.

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