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Keep A Guy Interested

How To Keep a Guy Interested In You And Stop A Wandering Eye

I get so many emails a week from women asking why men were hanging around and wanted to see them everyday one minute, and then disappearing the next.

So here I want to share three golden rules to keep a guy interested in you:

Don’t drop everything else as soon as you get a guy

This is the quickest way to lose a new guy. Some women have tendency to attract a man and then drop everything that made her attractive to him in the first place.

Women will drop their friends, neglect their hobbies and give up the things they did before to spend more time with their man.

This, I can tell you is the fastest way to losing his interest.

Guys always want to feel like they are a part of your successful, fun, enjoyable life. They want to feel like that even without them your life still has so much going for it.

Relationships are important, but never forget your work, hobbies or friends, as these are the ‘Big Picture’ things that usually attracted him to you in the first place.

Maintain sexual tension

Just because you’re now with a guy it doesn’t mean you can stop flirting.

Some women will get comfortable with a guy they’re seeing and turn down the sexual tension, which will make him less turned on by the idea of seeing you long term.

A guy needs to feel secure that if he stays with you in the long term things aren’t going to get dull and ordinary. It’s losing that spark that turns guys off of commitment.

The way to keep sexual tension alive:

1. drop him a text to let him know your naughty thoughts (it doesn’t have to be explicit – just something that lets him know you think about him sexually)

2. Sexual banter on dates – When you go out together, let him know that you can’t wait to get him home later.

Don’t stop being adventurous

Just because you attract a man it doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep working to attract him.

One of the biggest male needs is for VARIETY. This is true of the dates you go on, the activities you do together, and yes, in the bedroom as well.

Trying new things bonds you closer together and keeps him guessing about what’s coming next. When things get routine, things become predictable. And predictable quickly gets boring!

Want to know how to keep a guy interested quickly?

Knowing how to keep a guy interested can be a challenge for some women, which is why you need to focus on a couple of the basic but very important ground rules, these rules and other cutting edge advice is detailed in my FREE newsletter which you can sign up for below. Stop wasting your time with useless dating tips that don’t work, mine are proven to work… every single time!