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get a guy to like you

3 Effortless Ways To Get A Guy To Like You From Across The Room… Or Anywhere Else

Are you endlessly thinking to yourself of how to get a guy to like you? Are you longing to know ways of getting a guy to ask you out? Maybe you don’t want to approach him directly; you’re in the office at work together, or for whatever reason it would just be highly inappropriate.

So in this kind of environment, how do you go about getting a guy to ask you out?

There are 3 keys to get a guy to like you. These are 3 really subtle things that I am going to share with you, that if you master, have the ability to make you the sexiest woman on the planet to a guy. Why are they so powerful?

Honestly I think it’s because so few women actually do these things with guys they’ve just men. And that’s why when you start doing this; you’ll be blown away by the results.

You’ll notice that the running theme with all 3 of these techniques for getting a guy to ask you out is that they all demonstrate a certain playfulness in the way you behave – and this really is the secret.

Think: Playful = Sexy

So without further a do, here are my 3 top tips to get a guy to like you…

1) The Look

The first, and perhaps most powerful of these keys to getting a guy intrigued is what I like to refer to as “the look”. Your power as a woman is not in your looks, it’s in your look. Strong eye contact is definitely most effective upon first meeting a guy, being introduced to a guy, or from across the room with a guy you’ve never met before. But even with guys that you’ve known your whole life, a subtle change in the way you look at him can have very auspicious consequences.

Perhaps the weirdest part of my job is actually demonstrating this to women every week at my events, and at times it can be hard to put exactly what I mean when I say this into an article.

But there is one major mistake that most women make when it comes to eye-contact: they don’t look long enough for it to register with a guy.

Men are terrible at picking up signals of attraction from women, so what seems like a lifetime for most women might not even be enough for him to even notice you. A great way to get his attention, without having to glare at him, is looking twice in quick succession. By doing this, he’s sure to get the message.

2) Role Playing

When you’re actually in conversation with a guy, role-playing is a great way to create a flirtatious vibe that will get any guy attracted to you.

This is something I’ve written a whole section on in our ebook, but the key thing to remember is to keep things playful. To do this you can make quirky assumptions about a guy as soon as you meet him, and expand on them more and more throughout the night, making them more and more wacky.

By doing this you will often find yourself creating these intricate, elaborate stories, that only you two are in on, and this is where you create a real connection with a guy – a connection that will make him feel compelled to move things further with you.

3) Make Him Feel Like A Man

This is the one that is going to give you the edge. Whilst “the look” is perhaps the most effective way of getting a guy to like you from across the room, and role playing is by far the best way to demonstrate that you’re playful, this is the one that is going to get him to ask you out.

Why? Because men pursue the things in life that makes them feel like a man. And women, it doesn’t matter how many fast cars they have, or how many hours they spend down the gym each week, you can trump all of that with one simple sentence.

What I am going to share with you works on so many levels, but what I really want to focus on for this article is getting a guy to ask you out.

All you need to do is finish this one sentence, and any guy will be yours… “I love it when guys…” This can be said referring to something he’s wearing, something he’s doing or even something he has ambitions to do. This works so well because it will make a guy conform to it. If you say you love it when guys wear blue, he’ll wear blue from now on. And it’s this type on investment from a guy that will make him ask you out. I promise you that this one sentence alone will change your results dramatically.

So in summary, work on your eye contact with guys that you are introduced to, and immediately dive into a playful role play with them. Then once you’ve got a playful vibe between you, drop in a few comments on “how you love it when guys…” and he’ll be asking you out in no time!

So now you know how to get a guy to like you, it’s crucial to keep him wanting more…

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