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Bad Break Up

4 Creative Ways To Recover From A Bad Break Up

Most of associate breaking up with sitting around our house in our dressing gown, moping, watching bad films, adopting a cat, buying an industrial size tub of ice cream and hibernating until we’re better again.

Now I want you to throw all that away.

There are three essentials to moving forward:

3 principles

a. Keep feeling sexy/desirable

b. Create a mindset of abundance

c. Don’t stagnate – Keep moving forward

So how can you ensure these 3 criteria get satisfied?

1. Indulge in some self-pampering

So often we walk around after a bad break up and neglect to take care of ourselves.

As a result we spiral further and further and our self-esteem drops to an all-time low.

Instead, why not flip this around and take the opportunity to feel and look sexier than you ever have before? Indulge in some retail therapy, book yourself a massage and a facial. These things replenish you and will make you remember to treat instead of punish yourself.

2. Become a ‘YES’ woman

First of all, NO, I don’t mean you say yes to any man that comes your way! That’s the worst response you could make.

So let me explain what I mean by a “YES” woman.

It’s important after a break up that you don’t stagnate and stand still. When you stand still two things happen:

a. You get lost in your own head and over-think the whole relationship

b. You miss out on new opportunities because you don’t do new things

So to get in a different mindset, you have to shake up your routine and try new things. The easiest way to do this? Say YES more!

That’s it. When someone asks you to do something and you’re not sure if you fancy it: Say ‘YES’.

You won’t believe how much this fills up your social diary and leads you to places you would have never gone otherwise.

3. Incorporate 5 activities into the next month

When you do new activities you meet new people.

This is important; because so often when we’re upset we hang around the same few people who indulge our problems, which make it very difficult to get out of that emotional place.

When you meet new people who have no idea of your hang ups and issues, it will give you perspective and encourage you to focus your mind on more creative things.

4. Hit the gym

This isn’t meant to be a form of punishment! Hitting the gym will keep your self-esteem high and send your endorphin levels through the roof (the hormone that makes you feel charged and positive after exercise).

When we’re lethargic and sit around all day its very easy to feel stuck in the same emotional place.

The gym will keep you feeling sexy and dedicate time to yourself; its important you continue to grow after a relationship.

Give it an empowering meaning that spurs you on to do better, to reach the next level, to achieve bigger and better than you ever thought possible!

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