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“Discover How Over 3,000 Women Finally Had The Aha Moment With Their Love Lives And Now Understand What They’ve Been Doing Wrong With Men…”

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Having trouble meeting the right guys?

If you’re single and wondering why you never meet guys that you’re attracted to OR you seem to always attract the wrong guys then you’re not alone.

You’re probably feeling frustrated if not angry knowing that each day that passes you by you’re wasting time, when you should be finding guys that you ACTUALLY want to meet and date. It’s incredibly annoying.

The thing is though, there are several reasons why you’re not meeting the right kind of guys, from bad habits and old beliefs to deep routed emotions and even your social circle… but for most women there is just one or two areas which hold them back from having the love life they want.

Listen, I know what’s stopping you from getting the PERFECT guy… and I’m going to show you how surprisingly simple it is to re-energise your love life and get it back on track quickly. Our introductory live event “The Secrets of Attraction”, will show you the beginning elements to help you WAKE UP and take control of your love life!

So what are you going to learn on this one off live event?

In this 3 hour event I’ve jam packed some of the tried and tested methods that are proven to get you out of your current rut and back into the dating seen with a BANG! Here’s just a snippet of what you will learn, broken down into 3 areas:

How to get back in control of your love life

  • Myths on dating and why women CAN take the driving seat – You’re going to take charge of your love life and start attracting guys EVERYWHERE
  • Why you should NEVER settle for anything – You will start opening up opportunities like never before
  • How to make things happen when you meet a guy you like – You will attract him, have INCREDIBLE dates and enjoy every moment with him
  • The ability to act and attract – simple but powerful attraction methods that will have men falling over themselves to meet you

Where to meet guys & attract the guys you want

  • Why it’s so difficult for you to meet men – You will finally understand what’s been stopping you
  • The simplest ways to meet quality guys… also the best places – Your weekends will be full of exciting meet-ups with new guys that you WANT to spend time with
  • Social circles and why you MUST have one that works for you – Gradually you will start to see a change in your life, new friends will appear, new opportunities and of course MORE men
  • Tips to attract guys and how to make the BIGGEST impact – Men will be asking you to go out, approaching you in every situation and wanting to meet up
  • What men are REALLY looking for in a partner – You will get that “AHA” moment and realise what you have been doing wrong all this time

The psychology of men – delving inside the male mind

  • Why men don’t commit and how to get him to commit – You will see a DRAMATIC change in him almost instantly
  • The reason why he won’t make the first move even though the chemistry is there – When you use one of our simple tips, he’ll jump at the chance to take you out!
  • What keeps men interested – NEVER AGAIN will you wonder why he won’t call you back, or contact you when you’ve had such a great time together

Here’s the thing… the majority of women that come to this event are skeptical and a little wary of how we can actually help them… BUT they leave with a whole new perspective on men and dating, with a fresh outlook on life and not only that, they feel like they have clarity, like they finally get what men want.

And this is ONLY the introductory course!

Take a sneak peek of what happens when you attend…

What celebrities and other women are saying!

“I would give away some of the secrets, but thanks to Matthew, I’m far too busy making rock stars fall in love with me now, and quite frankly, I could do without the competition.” – Alison Tay, NOW Magazine sex and style editor speaking about the Secrets Of Attraction Event


“Your advice is so powerful. You really distinguish yourself from other experts in the quality of the things you say. It’s so great to finally have an expert who doesn’t just fluff talk, but gives real, down to earth advice that works.” – Vanessa Feltz, The Vanessa Show


“I tell you what, from the results I’ve seen you get, I believe everything you say! This is really great advice.” – Eamonn Holmes, This Morning on ITV


Even A-List celebrities hire Matthew for his expertise


Mathew Hussey has been featured on CNN, NBC, “The Today Show,” “This Morning” and even lectured at Oxford University.


Here are just a few of my recent success stories…


Kelly found the love of her life Brad and discussing marriage plans. Attended a Get The Guy event in London July 2010.


Chandy and her boyfriend of 18 months after attending a Get The Guy event in London. Now spreading the message as part of our team.

Siobhan and her boyfriend Nick announcing their parents that she’s pregnant and they’re starting a family. Women’s Week-end, London, August 2010

Facebook screenshot of a client that got engaged right after a Women’s Week-end in London.

These women changed their lives forever by deciding to come to one of my weekend events in the UK…

Same day ticket transfer… absolutely NO RISK!

So let’s say for whatever reason you can’t attend the event, even though you’ve booked the ticket – what now? All you need to do is simply get in touch with one of the Get The Guy team and they will transfer your ticket to the next available SOA event the same day.

At this time all Secrets of Attraction event tickets are non-refundable – only transferable.

So as you can see there is no risk on your part, just the opportunity to meet me, use cutting edge advice and experience something truly rewarding.

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Your guy on the inside,
Matthew Hussey