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In each episode of the LOVE Life podcast, you’ll get practical tips you can use right away to improve all of your relationships – romantic, family, friends, career and, most importantly, the relationship you have with yourself. See why this 5-star, top podcast gets over 500,000 downloads a month.

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Do Opposites Really Attract?

“Opposites attract”… or DO they?  We explore this old adage in today’s episode of LOVE Life.  There’s an important distinction here that most people miss.  I reveal what it and explain exactly what makes a relationship work (and why some are doomed to fail from the start).  I’ll also tell you what to look for in a man you date to create the most exciting, passionate, and lasting dynamic possible.  Use this formula and you’ll be drawn together like a magnet!

The Most Passionate Thing You Can do to Your Man Tonight

I’m going to introduce a new word to your vocabulary today that might shock you… but once you understand what it is and how to use it to create an insane connection with the guy you like you are going to thank me!  I call it “the dirty word for smart women,” and it’s the secret to making any man endlessly attracted to - and fascinated with - you.  Oh, and you can do it in a restaurant, fully clothed.  Curious yet?  Listen in on today’s LOVE Life to find out what it is… (PS – Check out the YouTube

Would You Date Yourself?

I’ve got a fascinating challenge for you today: I’m going to ask you a series of questions, and your answers are going to reveal a series of clues for how you can be your most attractive to the man in your life.  In fact, you’re going to walk away from today’s episode of LOVE Life with a blueprint for your ideal partnership.  Apply my #1 rule for all relationships to this blueprint and you will be on the path to getting everything you want out of your love life.

Why Your Ex Definitely Isn’t “The One”

If you’ve ever had an impossible time getting over an ex because you think he could be “The One,” you need to listen to today’s episode of LOVE Life.  I’m going to tell you the one way to know for absolutely certain that he’s NOT “The One.”  I’ll also give you that kick in the butt you need to get out there and start meeting new people.  Let’s snap you out of this funk right now…

Are Your Standards Too High?

So you’re having trouble meeting men, and you’re wondering if it’s because you’re too picky.  “But I’m looking for ‘The One,’” you think. “Shouldn’t I have high standards?”  The short answer is yes, but you may be enforcing those standards too soon.  In this episode of LOVE Life, I explain the danger of being too selective when you first meet men, how to avoid the “Christian Grey” trap, and how changing your relationship with rejection can steer you away from Mr. Not Good Enough and straight towards your Mr. Right.

4 Quick Tips to Meet More Men Tonight

The key to finding a great guy to date is first creating opportunities with lots of men.  So how exactly do you meet them – especially if you’re shy or you don’t like the bar scene?  I’ve got 4 foolproof strategies to instantly increase your interactions – and create attraction – with more men in one night than you’re used to meeting in a month!  I’m sharing them all with you in this episode of LOVE Life…

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By Prismatic Butterfly

Matt and Stephen: how can I capture your awesomeness in words?! Impossible. The Brothers Hussey are a potent combination of heartfelt advice, creative communication strategies, and raw, personal humanity. I have found that a diet of this podcast and Matt’s videos has truly sustained my mental and emotional health. I find you guys super smart, but moreover, your compassion for all people is such an obvious motivation for what you do. Your ideas and perspectives have literally changed my life. Merci Beaucoup and keep up the sensational work!


By TaraTamarisk

These podcasts are really accessible, but packed with Matt’s life-altering advice which really WORKS. I’ve spent my life reading self-help books with little or no success. Matt’s advice is brilliantly practical and not at all overwhelming. Whether you are single, in a relationship, or just want to improve yourself and your life, do yourself a favor and subscribe to Love Life. If you follow his tips, you will wake up one day amazed at how much your life has changed without you even realising it.


By Amy WF Texas

I’m feeling so thankful for every single podcast. I’m divorced after 15 years and it is so difficult to date and understand men. I have realized that I myself need work. I am striving to accomplish just that! One way is being devoted to your podcasts. Morning, lunch, evenings, before sleep. I have become confident and have been able to let go of the “situationships” that come passing by. The icing on the cake is both of your accents. Thank you for the brilliant advice!