Today’s episode will help you cut through all of the anxiety, uncertainty, and stress.

I go deep on three very specific questions you can ask yourself to determine whether staying or leaving is the right decision for you.

I also break down a new model that will help you identify what to watch out for and the dangerous cocktail of certain traits we must avoid in someone . . . these are the traits that can make a relationship so toxic that over time, it will erode our confidence and identity to the point that leaving the relationship is the only option.

Understanding this model may just save your self-respect, sanity, and happiness. And once you know how it works, red flags will be much easier to spot.

This is an episode you’ll also want to return to anytime you’re stuck in that fog of fear and confusion and want to feel a sense of clarity . . . so you can stop second-guessing your choices and move on with confidence.

P.S. I’d love to hear your comments on this. What’s a “dark pairing” you’ve experienced that made life really difficult? Email us at

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