We all long for financial independence, relationship bliss, greater familial connection, and a generally peaceful life with fewer hardships. But as it happens, life doesn’t care about the straight-line trajectory we’ve planned for ourselves. It will capriciously take a person from us at a time we weren’t prepared for. It will injure us when we need to be active. It will rob us of our finances in a bad business deal we thought was a sure thing. It will take away a relationship we thought would last forever. And when these things inevitably happen, it can feel like we’re grieving the loss of some future that’s now no longer available to us . . . But life is cyclical and doesn’t trend in just one direction. This is why it is imperative for us to take our focus off of where we feel we “ought to be” and make peace with life as it is today. Because the truth is, there’s always time to reinvent ourselves, meet somebody new, or fix something broken in our lives. And it is our job to cherish and learn from the wisdom gained from our past experiences instead of wishing things had gone a different way. — Get Real Results in your Love Life This Year… Reserve Your FREE Spot on My Live Virtual Event → http://www.DatingWithResults.com