In the early stages of dating someone we like and feel excited about, everyone is worried about coming across too keen and blowing it.

This is a very human experience felt by men and women alike. And it is that very emotion that will have us mute our needs and desires as we go into overdrive to impress the other person.

But as we know, people like what they value, and communicating our standards early on is a key part of attraction we often overlook.

Expressing your needs in early dating can seem daunting, and in this conversation with my friend Lisa Bilyeu on her channel Women of Impact, we talk about how we can get brave and do exactly that.

If you want to know how to have the conversation about getting exclusive with the person you’re seeing, I’ve created a brand-new free guide centered around how to define the relationship. It includes a script you can make your own and a comprehensive step-by-step guide that breaks down exactly how to ask for the things you want in a high-value way.

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