Ever sat ruminating obsessively over something you could have or should have done differently in your relationship?

Something you said, something you did, or something you wish you’d have done more?

It’s a dreadful, sickening feeling. I know because I’ve felt it. It leads to regret, anxiety, self-loathing… not to mention a lack of appetite and insomnia. We turn over every memory, imagining where we could have been with that person had we just behaved differently.

And this feeling isn’t limited to situations that have ended. Sometimes we are still seeing someone but we have this crippling anxiety over having irreversibly damaged the relationship. We feel we’ve created a perception of ourselves in that person’s eyes that we can’t now undo.

If for any of these reasons you are currently torturing yourself, this video will be life-saving for you today. Trust me when I say it is essential watching.

In this classic clip, I break down for you why you don’t need to be wallowing in pain, and why, despite everything that destructive voice inside is saying, you actually have reason to feel good today.

Please also share this with someone you know who may be beating herself up right now. Life’s too short for any of us to suffer needlessly.

I’m with you, friend. You’re loved.

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