In the aftermath of a toxic or narcissistic relationship, we can lose all sense of self. Whether our partner tried to steal our joy at every opportunity, or they wore down our self-esteem with endless arguments and cold-shoulder treatments . . . the end of a relationship like this will leave us feeling disoriented and lost, and it can be hard to rewire our brains and resume normal life once we’re free.   At this point, it can be unbelievably hard to trust other people again. Logically, we may understand that not everyone’s like our ex . . . but emotionally, we see danger at every turn.   But there is a way we can heal—so we can move on and learn to trust ourselves again. And in today’s episode, I share 3 mindsets that can help you do just that. — ►► Begin to Truly Trust Yourself & Believe in Your Own Worth. Learn more About The Matthew Hussey Virtual Retreat. . . →