When everybody seems to have found “their person,” it can make us feel so behind and deeply afraid. This is the very moment we fall prey to saying “yes” to the wrong person, just to put an end to the feeling that we won’t find anyone and will miss our chance at having an amazing relationship.   But choosing temporary comfort is a short game, and as we shrink our view of the world, we lose sight of just how much abundance is waiting for us. In reality, those who are successful in love play the long game—one where they trust they deserve more than a relationship that is inherently not meeting their needs, or simply not right for them.   In today’s new episode, I not only show you how to identify someone who’s wrong for you, but I also share how to take that leap to start fresh and set your love life on the right path. (And make sure you stay until the end to hear my special announcement so you can take action in your love life this week!)   — Get Real Results in your Love Life This Year… Reserve Your FREE Spot on My Live Virtual Event → http://www.DatingWithResults.com