Another week in isolation…

This crisis is really putting a magnifying glass on my (alarmingly natural) gift for hibernation, as well as my capacity for eating chocolate.

How about you?

It’s also exposing a lot of cracks in relationships – both those under the same roof and the long-distance ones – as they strain under the weight of this “new normal.”

Just this morning, I had the pleasure of working with a woman who is in my live coaching group, and she confided that she was having an issue with her boyfriend.

Like many, she found herself in a long-distance relationship all of a sudden, as she and her guy self-isolate about 30 minutes from each other in their separate homes.

I said to her, “That must be tough. Are you speaking every day?”

Her answer revealed more than I anticipated… It quickly became clear to me that her needs were being ignored, and that she was ignoring a conversation she needed to have. Something I’m worried too many people are doing right now.

If you’re in a similar situation, where you’re feeling scared to ask for what you need, then you need to hear this episode.

Thinking of you.

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