We asked you what your biggest fears for the future were, and you answered! No matter how confident we feel, we all have worries about what lies ahead. The future is unknown. And many of us can’t help but occasionally let our biggest anxieties and worries about where our life is going get the better of us. It could be about your career, your relationships, or anything that keeps you up at night. In this new episode, Matt, Stephen, Audrey, and Jameson talk about what it takes to either overcome these fears, or at least how to not let them paralyze or overwhelm you. — If you want to spend 3 days with me creating the conditions for your own happiness, then my next Virtual Retreat of 2023 is coming up fast! Head to MHVirtualRetreat.com to book your complimentary call with my Retreat Specialists who are on hand to hear your story (Special offer! $100 off the price if you get your spot booked before March 12th!)