Why is it we become “too nice” with someone we like? It can feel like there is a before/after switch, where we decide we’re attracted to someone, feel the butterflies in our stomach, and can’t help but tighten up and struggle to express our real selves. And often, this can result in us being too accommodating, or giving polite-yet-boring responses, or in trying too hard to be liked instead of allowing natural chemistry and flirtation to happen. In this episode, Matt, Stephen, Audrey and Jameson talk about why we become “too nice”, what we can do to be more of who we really are, and how to show our most attractive self in dating. — Download our free guide on simple texts you can send to spark attraction. Go to 9Texts.com to get your copy. — Email us! You can in touch with the show and give your feedback/thoughts at podcast@matthewhussey.com — Follow Matt on Insta @thematthewhussey Follow Stephen on Insta @stephenhhussey