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(Rewind): 3 Texts You Can Send to Get Their Attention INSTANTLY

On dating apps, first impressions matter.

And after you clear the first hurdle of endless swiping and find someone who piques your interest, it’s often the next step that’s the hardest . . .

That is, of course: What on EARTH do you say to them?!

You scan their bio, hoping inspiration will strike and you’ll manage to figure out the perfect opening gambit. You think:

Would a simple “hey” or “great photo” show a lack of imagination?

I’d like to just be myself, but it can feel so hard to be authentic without seeming too eager . . .

Many times, thoughts like these make us overthink everything to the point where we end up sending something awkward . . . or worse, not sending anything at all, letting the opportunity of connection pass us by.

So how can we make an impression on people who haven’t yet had the chance to meet us and see how awesome we are?

In today’s episode, I’m going to share with you 3 openers you can send right away to stand out on a dating app.

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238: Why You SHOULDN’T Always Trust Your Instincts In Dating

We are often told to “trust our instincts” in love and relationships. But sometimes our first reaction can be unhealthy, impulsive, or come from bad patterns we have learned that cause us to self-sabotage.

In this episode, Matt and Audrey talk about how to question your instincts and make the right decision when you have an emotional reaction or become anxious in dating.

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237: How To Find Love With Anxious Attachment

Matt and Audrey had the pleasure this week of sitting down with Mark Groves, author of the new book “Liberated Love” and host of the Mark Groves podcast.

In this episode, we discuss anxious vs. avoidant attachment styles in love, how to overcome co-dependency, getting back together after a break up, and the crucial importance of TRUE honesty and facing reality in having fulfilling relationships.

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(Matt Monday): 7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Dating

You know those moments where you look back and think, “I wish I’d known then what I know now”? Well, in today’s new episode, I share the 7 things I wish I knew back when I was dating. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes in my 20s and 30s to save yourself extra time (and heartache)!
If you’ve ever found yourself giving more than the other person in your relationship, felt heartbroken that someone doesn’t like you back, or chased the wrong person, you can’t miss this!

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(Rewind): Feeling Insecure About Their Ex? WATCH THIS

Have you ever felt jealous about your ex’s previous partners? In the age of social media, it’s easier than ever to see our partner’s history and compare ourselves to our ex’s history.

In this episode, we talk about the problem of this “retroactive jealousy”, how it affects us psychologically, and how to let go of it.


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236: Why You Should Feel Confident NOW

Many people think they need to wait to feel confident. Or they believe it’s a special gift you’re born with. Or they believe it’s something that only comes after you achieve a certain goal. 

Matt and Audrey sit down to explain why none of those are true. You can actually feel confident right now – and it starts with changing what part of your life you focus on.

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