If This Is True Of LA Women, I’m In A Lot Of Trouble! (NSFW)

Here’s a fun video going into the weekend.

I’ve been in LA for around 6 months now. In that time I’ve definiely come across some of these stereotypes…

Hope you’re having an amazing day.


UPDATE: On Sunday the US GetTheGuy Tour locations will be revealed. We’ve booked 9 locations (on top of LA tomorrow) through April & May. So exciting! Cannot wait to tell you guys.

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43 Replies to “If This Is True Of LA Women, I’m In A Lot Of Trouble! (NSFW)”

  • Hey Matthew, I”m so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. And regrading the video,you know you have nothing to worry about. To put it bluntly,women,as you know,are impressed by social status,charm and good look and you got it all! …xoxo

  • Must be getting old, some of those ‘women’ look like they probably haven’t moved out of their parents’ house yet!… :-)

  • ‘Then move to NYC’ lol! If the British accent isn’t working for you anymore you must be turning slightly American by now.

    1. Hey Angie, sometimes I try to get a little lighter since we get pretty heavy at other times. Hopefully others didn’t find it too crude.

      Sorry you didn’t like it! Thanks for coming back to my blog in any case.

      Matt x

  • Matt,

    Thanks! This definitely made my day. According to this video, it is not the men that are the problem as I have often heard. If there is any truth to it…you definitely have your work cut out for you.

  • Couldn’t understand a word that was being said…and subtitles didn’t work!

    PS Matt – I wonder if you liked your press coverage for the book. Just read yesterday’s Evening Standard one where she mentions your American type teeth (‘he comes from Essex’). Think you look better in shirts/jackets rather than the purple livery…if I may so so!

  • Bahaha thank you for making me laugh, i had to reply, never replied before to any other post lol… You should come to Toronto ;)

  • This is irrelevant. I’m nothing like these women. Wait, I was a huge stoner for a long time but I’m not a bitch. One LOVE!

  • Yikes. If the whole state of Cali gets that bad I’m moving myself!… It is true unfortunately, that L.A. does give this poor state a bad rap. But face it- because of California’s ideal weather, landscape & opportunity – it really does come to represent everyone from —> everywhere! ( both a source of pride AND shame – I must say – because the screw- balls love it here too!) …Anyway, if you find yourself alittle further north in the Napa Valley/Bay Area – I’m sure you’d be glad you did. You’ll find that it’s much more refined and classy – just like you! Hope to see you here…

  • I’m from NYC and I really thought it was truly bad here.. Loved The video! Soo funny.. Maybe they should do one for us since 70% of ny is single …
    Keep up the great work! I’m looking forward to the book! XO

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