Why You Should Be More Like Kanye West

Don’t you wish you cared a little less about what other people think?

I often say in my events and seminars that ‘99% of people live their lives determined by the thoughts of strangers’, and for this week’s video I’ve done something a bit different…

I take you behind the curtain of mine and Jameson’s strategy for these weekly videos, I share a lesson on how to stand strong behind your opinions, and we give a practical takeaway to stop caring about what other people think immediately.

Don’t be afraid to innovate. Don’t be confined to one thing. Give yourself the space to manoeuvre, and try different things within your personality.

Challenge: Next time you go out, can you go the entire time without getting into the subject of your work? (or whatever it might be you usually latch onto in conversation)

Take a risk and challenge yourself by testing the limits of your own charisma and confidence.


If you like this kind of “irrelevant sh*t” – not explicit love life advice – let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear what you made of this one, and how it helps you push the bounds of your personality.

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96 Replies to “Why You Should Be More Like Kanye West”

  • Matt…

    I love it!! Especially the takes at the end :)
    I love that you set new standards and goals for yourself and pass them on.
    Love the vids… Keep up the amazing work :)

    In Gratitude

  • Love it when you posts videos like this!!! When are you going to launch the other site – Get The Life??

    Really looking forward to it :)

  • Wonderful! I love watching your old and new videos. Thanks for being brave enough to let the public watch you develop and grow over the years. I can’t wait to see how you change when you get married and have children.

    By the way, when America loses its charm and you want a new challenge, the way men and women relate to each other in Eastern Europe would fascinate you. Translation is a hassle, but when you are ready, please branch out and work with a greater variety of cultures. Thank you Sian

  • Hi :)
    I actually liked your prior video. Liked it a lot.
    But I happened to write a stupid comment.
    As is too easy on the internet.

    1. P.S.
      Which itself shows one shouldn’t be too bothered by online comments. Glad you aren’t, Matt :p

  • Hi Matt,

    Love your videos and insights.
    Thanks for sharing your love and light with the world. You inspire us all to be the BEST version of ourselves.

    Much love and gratitude always

  • Matthew, my love, I must admit I was afraid of opening this link after I read the headline. Now you got me all “Yeah, Kanye West!!!”

    Which, for an opera singer, is quite something.

    By the way, I’m totally going to use that Kanye quote on my next date. I’ll let you know how it went XD

  • No lie I was just thinking about that video and how
    I didn’t like the title. Just sounds a little too freaky and let’s be honest you totally knew what people would think when they heard it.

  • Ok just finished the video and I can’t lie I really wish you could have picked someone else to admire but that’s life ;) I do have to say when I hear what you say I try to apply it to my life and I have to say I’m pretty darn good at keeping people on their toes.
    Your butt cheek…really;) oh and to that person who said its teenagers expressing themselves I wonder what their reaction would be if some one painted the word JESUS on your building…just sayin

  • This made me think of a quote I recently found that is giving me a lot to think about in regards to how I want to live my life:

    “Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.” ~Robin Sharma

    Here’s to 75 (plus!) different years :)


  • LOL the ending was brilliant!

    Growth is constant and the most beautiful aspect of our world, I enjoy you challenging us to really step out of our usual box and try something new with our environment.

    People are afraid of criticism. Too used to their comfort zone!

  • Nice rant. Made no sense just like Kanye. I can see why you’re a fan. Kanye is not brave, he is just crazy. It’s his narcissistic insanity that drives him to create and make strange choices like marrying the vacuous KK. Of all the people to idolize and be a fan of, it speaks volumes that you pick him.

    1. It does speak volumes,but not for the reasons you mention. Like Matt, Kanye is a creative genius and yes it is brave to try out different aspects of your personality, ones outside of your normal, easy, comfort zone ‘this is me’ because you have to risk the reactions of the people that know you like that. It’s brave to risk feeling ridiculed or derised or criticised as we mostly do try to please and remain safe not open and vulnerable. But people are going to like it or not, be with you or not and it’s the only way to grow and change in a really positive way.
      Behind Matt and Kanye are a great intellect and I think Kanye and his wife are a perfect fit. She’s a lot more than people give her credit for and she makes him happy. She’s given him a beautiful family and they are a team.
      I have such a good rapport with my hairdresser. He’ll say be a gypsy one day and I’ll be whatever I felt like, a sexy French actress, whatever. We love each other’s creativity and charisma, but it was a comment he said that made me think about taking it one step further to be creative with my personality. I’ve only just started and on a day out with people I know from music lessons, I felt I was becoming the entertainment for the day. So this is going to be an interesting process.
      I love this type of content, please keep going with it. We are seeing you in a new light, and we like it!
      Kathryn x

  • Matt, please keep the irrevelant shit coming! I am a similar age as you and I feel like we’re growing up together! Haha. Much of your transformation has been my transformation and I really enjoy watching your videos because you clarify so many of the ideas that had been on my mind at that time and apply a practical application to practice. These videos are authentic, and a little jagged around the edges and we love them! Keep up the good work both of you! Can’t wait to push my own boundaries as you push yours! I think we can handle ALL of you just fine. ;)

  • P.S. Come visit us out in Aspen, Colorado! I think you need to push your boundaries physically and skiing will definitely to that! Plus, these
    mountain men desperately need your help! They are sexy…Mhmmm…with that scruff and all, but their words just kill the attraction! Come rescue the “1 woman for every 10 men” population out here from these beasts! Hahaha. You would knock em’ all dead in their completion for that 1 woman. ;) Love to you from the Valley!

  • “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” Marilyn Monroe


  • Haters always gunna hate. Whatever. Where’s their influence and success?

    That’s what I thought.

    Anyway, totally gunna use your advice and throw some change out there tomorrow at work. I’m gunna take a risk and talk to my crush about non-work related things and actually flirt with him. If he isn’t interested at least I’ll get some practice with talking to cute guys and I’ll be able to set my sights elsewhere… After lots of crying and ice cream and movies about girls killing bad guys. Those always make me feel better.

  • Personally I love your videos that aren’t just from a love perspective without them you would risk be seeing as a clichéd love/relationship coach (albeit a brilliant one) but actually these videos show me you’re insights extended in to all areas of life. Which actually I think people are neglecting to see the valuable side of, it’s okay winning a guy over in a date and being able to get a guy to text you back but it’s just a façade if you’re life’s not on track or if you’re not emotionally stable and people will see through it eventually.

    My thing is at work people feel I’m really serious hard working and shy so I love to shock people with a dirty joke or innuendo – it’s a bit Carry On.. but I love people’s faces when I do it when they see this side of me they don’t know.

  • I totally agree with you.I stopped being the person people want me to be. It’s not easy but I feel more comfortable in my own skin. By the way Matt, I think your irrelevant shit is very important. Life is not only about finding love, the human being has so many goals in life. We are not 1- dimensional,I love to express myself and your challenges/ videos are so helpful. I admire Kanye West for his confindence and his bravery. I love his music , especially the new stuff. He maintains an opinion and is very passionate about his work, I can feel this passion on every piece he puts out.

    Love to you from Germany

    P.S. nice qoute x loved the video ‘What he said to me made my day’

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