Why Men Lose Interest When You Show Yours

Uh-oh, you like a guy.

Quick, whatever you do, don’t let him know. Or else he’ll think you’re desperate.

What rubbish.

If you want to know the truth about what really makes the difference between keeping a guy interested or scaring him away, you need to watch this

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21 Replies to “Why Men Lose Interest When You Show Yours”

  • What perfect timing Matthew!! I went out on a day which spanded from 4-6 hours. The had shown interest, he asked for my number and said he will be in contact – a week lately today still nothing. I told him I like him and left it at that. I feel i shown him enough interest to make the next step. Its true to what you say, we women cannot hold back if we like a guy, but must show initiative first- showing confidence.

    1. That’s it. You told him u like him. End of story. Like Matt says, don’t stay static waiting and telling him over a over again that you like him. If he’s really interested, he’ll contact you again. Continue with your life, go out and meet other men.

  • Hello Matthew! Thank you so much for your advices, what you are doing is amazing. I wonder if I can ask for your advice for my situation? I have a friend I had a crush on, and I know him for three years already, and I was interested in him as in a guy from the very beginning and the more i knew him the more I was in love with him. So we had a conversation one day when he said he was not ready for relationship, he had a bad experience before. I tried to be his friend, but was going into him even more, so I told him what is going on with me and stopped any communication, I was avoiding him for a month and a half and got back to him.
    We are students of same age and we leave in the same dormitory building, most of our friends are common, so he was always around over this period, and I felt so much worse over that time, I stopped eating, sleeping, couldn’t concentrate on anything, and the was him in mind saying that he would love me to get back, and that it was much better before. When I got back he very glad and suggested to see each other more often, spend more time together. I agreed. We actually started to do so and at one point I noticed that his attitude is changing towards me, that he liked me more. And then he said that he is scared that we are moving towards relationship, and it is something he is not ready for and he was keep telling me that we should stop, that we are more than just friends and something might happen and we are going to break up after all, but he was not doing anything, we kept seeing each other, kept getting attached even more. He told me: “It was that turning point when feelings appeared and I was thinking if I can afford it to myself and I realized I couldn’t, but at the same time, I didn’t want to lose you” So after three months of being in that not moving anywhere semi-friendly relationship I said: alright, if you want so, we aren’t going to see each other again” He took it very painful and was asking me why am I doing so? But then calm down said “thank you” and let me go. It was extremely painful for me, and I was avoiding him, ignoring him very brutally, by doing so I hurt him a lot and felt very guilty. So as soon as I thought I am okay I tried to restore our friendship… The previous situation repeated itself and in half of a year we found ourselves talking about being more than just friends again, I accused him in the whole situation and this time he broke up with me, we were not talking to each other for 4 months in which I had a severe depression, long-lasting neuroses. After it he texted me and talked to me as nothing ever happened, I was pretty aggressive and we talked about the whole thing through. Apparently, he said he thought it was me who didn’t want to be friends and as he couldn’t give me anymore it was the end. He realized how badly it hit me, he said he was an asshole, and I have all reasons to hate him and that he was extremely sorry and then he asked me what I want to do now, how I want us to be now, except from being in relationships. I wanted to exclude him from my life, he said that he would wish us to be friends, but he would accept my decision. And I said I would love to be friends too if I could, so he suggested to work on it, he said that I don’t imagine how much this means for him and he is ready to do everything to keep us friends. So we are learning how to be friends again… the thing is that he told me that he has no feelings for me now, and he never ever had any, which is hard to believe in for me. And I want to be a friend of him, but I just still into him, I would say he is someone I treat as my family member and it’s hard with that feeling of being rejected, that still hurts a lot. it has been half a year since we are communicating again and we are close friends, but I just don’t know should I even do anything about it, I don’t have much strength for breaking up again and or I better just keep the friendly relationship with him and keep look around for another guy? In half a year we are going to graduate and probably won’t see each other again as we are form different part of the world.

  • I completely disagree with this. Ladies don’t approach a man and tell him you like him. What you do is … Be easy to get but let him do the getting. I’ve been proposed to 5 times and never once called them. I just lived my life and they had to hunt me down. Don’t call, call back. Don’t text, text back. Don’t give, give back. And always a little less than him. Don’t tell him what you want. Tell him what you don’t want that way you make it a challenge for him to make you happy. This keeps him chasing you even if your married. I have done this my entire life and get any guy I want and even get the guys I don’t want.

  • Fair enough. Good points. I would add that, in addition to where a woman goes after stating her feelings, a big turn on or off is her expectation after her declaration, which ties in directly to what he is saying here.
    Specifically, in the first example the female doesn’t need his approval. In the very funny and cute second case, that’s where neediness comes across. Because she is clearly waiting with adorable puppy dog eyes for something. Either his approval or reciprocation, etc.
    Just my two cents on another way of looking at it, so women know what kind of internal work they need to be doing in addition to the actions to take. If she can identify and conquer her need for approval, then she will have the freedom to walk away, without losing her power OR his interest.
    Again, useful post with actionable takeaways. I like it.

  • Hey Matt,

    just to say that I almost couldn’t listen to your gem of wisdom this week because you’re looking REALLY buff in that T-shirt. In the next video can you squeeze your bicep for us to show those muscles are actually real? And are we ever to see you with that Damon Albern type haircut you had in a video about your seminars in France? It was so cute but maybe too much eye candy and we won’t be able to concentrate on your other beautiful traits – your ability to observation closely, your questionings, your juxtipositions of ideas, your delight, your generosity.

    You are quite a package Matthew Hussey, thanks for inspiring me to raise my game in who I find attractive x

    1. It means that you’re always there, always available for that man. You have no other things to do on your own. You’re just waiting for that one man to ask u out.

  • Hi matthew.that was a really good video and also helpful.i have a question:ok.what if i made one of these mistakes about my favorite guy,is there any way to make it up or its done about that person ?
    Just onced i asked him about what will happend :-/
    And now i wish i wouldn’t asked it.

  • “be the train that is leaving the station not the train that has reached its destination” such a beautiful metaphor. You should put a copyright on it.

  • I have a challenge for you.. Mathew! Im 36 blonde in shape like to be a guy( have 6 brothers so kinda makes me one at times ) goofy active ..,, normal girl….. I have never had a bf! How is this possible ?I dont have a logical answer to that . Obviously makes me insecure .You advise so many women on how to get a guy…. im sure you get women saying things to you but I challenge you all this advice you say works show me it working on you . Take me on a date and if you see how your advice works great! I do alot of what you say already….you have things obviously i didnt do which leads me to enhancing myself but its still a bit of a game too.Im a normal subject and if you reply I will send you my Facebook so you can scope me out .For the life of me I can’t figure out how I haven’t been able to get a bf at 36. Anyway , Look forward to tour reply :)

  • i have been dating for a while now, but i can’t seem to keep their interest. guys make me feel that i’m never classy enough because i get comfortable easily and i’m so talkative , i act very naturally and i don’t overthink about how i should act or what to say. i can’t seem to be able to stop this bad trait. and every time i meet a hot guy i end up screwing things up because i feel that i am very easy for them. i don’t complicate things.. what do i do?? now i’m stuck with a MPI guy and i know that he’ll never be the one for me(because ehe’s younger) and i’m so tired of playing all these games
    what do i do??

    1. Hi,
      Full disclosure im a male who identifies with your problem. I hope i can help.

      May i ask you a couple questions first?
      First question is, are you a person who has gone from 1 relationship to the next without much of a break in between?

      Second question is, what type and features of male are you generally attracted to?

      Apologies if you think they are a bit personal, im just trying to figure out the best advice to give you.

      The things you are doing correct is being natural, uncomplicated and not overthinking. To a male who is interested in you and willing to invest, they are very attractive traits. You are most likely doing a lot of other things that are right but they where the examples you gave in your post.

      One thing that stood out like a sore thumb to me was your lack of self confidence “guys make me feel that i’m never classy enough”. Never let a male let you think you are not classy enough, and if he does drop his ass fast because he obviously believes the same thing. It’s your job as the woman to make him work for it otherwise if you let him dominate you, he will only use and neglect you. Make him feel like he is the one that isn’t classy enough and watch him change into a better person to try and keep your attention.

      I think i will leave it there for now, i cant really delve much deeper into it than that until you answer the questions above, then i will have more to say. You don’t have to, you can tell me to get fucked if you want to, i don’t mind but i sincerely would like to help.

      Kind Regards,

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