A modern take on the ‘white handkerchief approach’…

A reader sent this in last week (thank you Joanne!) as ‘an alternative to the white handkerchief trick’.

I thought it was a fun video for a Friday, and so wanted to share it with you here today. Enjoy! And let me know what you think in the comments below.

(Read more about the ad here. Visit the director’s site here.)



Next time you see a guy you want to approach, how are you going to ‘drop the handkerchief’ and get into conversation with him? How can you apply the white handkerchief approach to modern life?


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33 Replies to “A modern take on the ‘white handkerchief approach’…”

  • I’m so glad I checked your blog today! This is so ca-yute! I always enjoy hearing how people met, but that story would be one to pass on! My philosophy is go get what you want, not many people have achieved something by doing NOTHING- if you see a guy you are attracted to- GO GET HIM! Give him a compliment to get things rolling, anything, but don’t do nothing.

    One of my favorite quotes: “Sometimes what you are looking for comes when you are not looking at all.” If an opportunity presents itself, I don’t see why you shouldn’t go for it :)

    1. Seriously? As long as you found the love of your life, who cares how you found them who or what got you together?!

        1. well, I guess in the ‘how we met’-stories are a couple of corporations involved… it’s just that none of them seemed to have used this idea before for advertising. in the spirit of ‘mad men’, I think its a very clever marketing idea to stimulate the people’s desires for love!

  • Hi Matthew, i just love That video they Will never now That they did this. Bit they Will remember how they meth ;) i want That in our city too :)
    I just came by in this blog how amazing your show Ready for love is i just wanna watch every episode of it. I just soo loved it That i even sleep all Night because i wanna watch it till the end. I just love everything That your doing your advice just everything. I hope i find one day the one. Or Maybe i can make the move as well ( Learned from you ) but om 15 years old i have Time enough.
    I hope too see you one day in a live tour. I hope so please come to the Netherlands not Amsterdam but Heerlen ;)

    Thanks So Much for everything always believe in yourself ( :O That i’m saying this and i’m the one who never believe in myself let’s say i’m stll working on it)

    Thanks for everything love your blog just everything ;)

  • This is so brilliant! So simple, but it compels the women to reach out and ask for a simple favor, which makes the guys feel useful and masculine (“I have conquered the beastly soda cap! I have provided access to tasty refreshment!”). No expectations, just a brief interaction and opportunity for conversation to start.

    I love it!

  • This is gorgeous!!!

    I think most people in the world have become so independent that it has decreased the amount we interact.

    I know if I want to find something out I go straight to the highest position around me.

    It’s been hard for me to make opportunities to ask for help when I am so used to trying to help everyone else and solve problems myself.

  • WOW~*.* Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE COKE^^~ It seemed like a great idea, but thennn I saw this through a feminist lens and yea….:)

    WHO CARES?!!!!??!!! I DOOOOO…. OH WELL:)

    Kawaiidesunee!!!! (Watashi wa nihonjin dewa arimasen^0^)

    P.S. I LoVE you<3 hehehe

  • Y’all, it’s meant to be cute :) Also, being a feminist does not mean that people still can’t be polite… If I couldn’t open a bottle, I’d definitely ask someone to help me!
    Remember something that Matt always hammers in at seminars: The woman who can’t do anything for herself; the independent woman who doesn’t want a man do to anything for her, because SHE wants to do it for herself; and the independent woman who KNOWS she could do things for herself, but it’s so much more fun to include a man in the process ;)


  • So cool! It just reminds me how creative we can be to start a conversation with someone. I always need a reason to start talking to someone. I mean it’s kinda cute if a guy just say “hello” out of the blue but I would feel so embarassed to do so :)

  • Uncle Matt, this approach is nice, but the I usually find, they may “open” it gladly and then that’s the end of that. It doesn’t proceed further and I don’t want to look creepy by proceeding further. What is a “proceed further” technique?

  • What if, after he opens the bottle, I say: “would you like to have that?” would he think that comment made him not seem so masculine anymore?

  • This video made me kind of teary-eyed…it was so sweet! If anyone has any ideas about other modern day handkerchief ideas, I’d love to learn about them.

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