What To Do When Meeting His Family

It’s coming up to holiday season, and if you’re in a new relationship, it’s likely you’re going to be meeting your partner’s family.

There’s no getting away from it… this can be a terrifying time for anyone.

I don’t want you to feel like you’re going in on your own without support here, and so in this week’s video I’ve put together 10 clear action steps that you can follow to relax and leave a lasting impression that will cause your guy to think, “I knew I made the right decision”.

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21 Replies to “What To Do When Meeting His Family”

  • What to do when meeting his family?? Hope and pray they aren’t crazy…that’s what you do.
    O.k. now I will watch the video ;)

  • All great advice Matt! Thank you!
    I believe that our experiencea shape us & so I feel a responsibility to alert girls out there, that there is a chance u do & say all the right things @ exactly the right time and still have a less than desirable outcome with his family.

    Some people will already have made up their mind about u, before they ever meet u. They might have their own agenda, they might have a mental illness, it may be a racial or cultural thing… 1000 reasons.- my point is: hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. If things don’t go smoothly, don’t be too quick to blame yourself.

  • Thank you Matt! I loved the advice of keeping certain accomplishments to yourself, to reveal later. It’s alluring and even sexy. Am definitely using that with future spouse and in-laws! ;)

  • Bonjour Matthew,
    I love this video and your tips are as usual very genuine. You are my favourite and the best coach ever ;)


  • Oh Matthew …. Where were you when I met my boyfriend’s family for the first time!

    I wish you did more posts like this for people already in relationships. It’s one thing “getting the guy” but once you’re in a relationship it’s a whole new minefield!


  • I liked this video. I think it would be nice to have you talk in another video the flip side of it, when having met them already and are getting to know them, observing what kind of family dynamic is going on because if you ever marry into this, you’ll want to know what your getting yourself into and what should you look for in terms of red flags. I know for example one of my exs married into a family where people were on welfare and didn’t believe in working. He eventually got divorced but all the signs that the partner may not be good for you is seen on how people interact in the family

  • I really love your videos Matthew. They are always full of positive messages and my confidence has just rocketed. I’ve had more dates in the last few months with the kind of guys is always wanted to meet and I’ve realised that actually, it’s my choice as to whether I continue things with them or not. I now know after lots of great dates exactly the kind of man I want to spend my time with. I’ve also, with your help, realised that I don’t have to settle for someone just because I feel flattered that they like me – I can offer plenty to a partnership too.
    I have just one question… It’s one I have been asked my lots of guys now and I’m not sure quite how to respond without sounding far too independent or arrogant… ‘Why are you still single?’
    What am I meant to say to this?! Up until now, I’ve just made a throw away comment like, ‘because I’m happy just the way I am!’ But I’m not sure this is wholly right?!
    Any advice on how to tackle this one would be much appreciated!
    Charlotte x

    1. Great question to be asked! I like to play around with my response. For example, jokingly with a smile say “No guy has been able to pass all my tests yet.” Shows you’re high-value too.

  • Great points as always and thank you for sharing them. What lovely manners you have. We know a lovely seven year old girl and when we went round to her house she was at the door, realised my son didn’t know the other children there and said to come in so she could introduce everyone. She has the manners and grace of a lady and it’s so endearing. It’s actually a lovely trait because she makes everyone feel special.
    I hope you take Thanksgiving to have a break, you look completely shattered. x

  • I’d like to share this with the guy I’m dating who’s about to meet MY family, but don’t really want to direct him to your “Get the Guy” blog.

    1. Not from Matts team but, you can link to it on Youtube. There is a little Youtube icon on the bottom of the screen that takes you to the video there and you can link to that :)

  • Cool. Yes. Seems legit. I love that colour on you by the way. Very nice. Anyway, I like the whole “Respect the protector” one. Very intuitive. x

  • And don’t wear an overbearing perfume, right? One time my cousin showed up with a new girl at a family dinner. She was wearing a perfume called Poison. She probably dumped half the bottle on herself. It was so overbearing it really poisoned everyone at the table. Some people got headache and the smell didn’t leave the room for 2 weeks. Poor girl.

  • Your advices are, as always, great, but it makes me kind of sad to see those rings under your eyes… Rest a bit! :)

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