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The Biggest Live Tour I’ve Ever Run (+ Trailer)

I’m planning more back-to-back live events – in more cities – than I ever have before.

So you can actually SEE what these events are like, I had Jameson, my infamous cameraman come out to Seattle for the final event of this year’s tour to cut together a 3-minute trailer clip for you.

My next round of these events are going to be announced VERY SOON.

At these events I’ll be revealing…

– A three step approach to meeting the hottest guy in any room with ZERO chance of rejection.

– The REAL reason he didn’t call back or is blowing hot and cold (and a 3-step method to get him chasing back after you)

– A fool-proof technique for guaranteeing a second date with that one guy you really want it to work out with.

And much, much more.

Oh… and the best part?

(Aside from us getting to spend the entire day together!)

To celebrate I have an exclusive offer for the first 500 women who sign up to make this the most affordable live event I’ve ever run.

We’ve got the locations just about finalised, and if you’re near any major city in the US or Canada (or can get to the UK), I’m probably going to be close.

The gates for tickets will swing open THIS SUNDAY – November 3rd – and we’re going to be going live at 2PM Eastern Time.


These will be life-changing events to super-charge your love life, learn the exact steps you need to meet your dream guy, and a chance for us to meet in-person.

I genuinely could not be more excited about this! Like everything I do, I’m going to strive to make this exceed your expectations in every way, and I cannot wait to come out and meet you.

Whatever burning questions or issues you have in your love life, this event is your chance to solve it.

I’m going to be taking you inside the male mind, revealing the deep, (sometimes even) dark male psychology that will allow you to meet and attract the man of your dreams quickly, and with almost zero effort.

In coming along you WILL get results. It’s as simple as that.

So hang tight and stay tuned.

Because it’s coming!


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54 Replies to “The Biggest Live Tour I’ve Ever Run (+ Trailer)”

  • I love the work Jameson and the people involved in this video have done. They truly did a neat job.

    I am not clear about one thing: That means you are coming to Spain? : )

  • Hi lovely Matthew Hussey i wanna say That first before i start writing this ;)
    I feel really really really really really guilty for not Commenthing so long on your blog. And been trough alott you know That i was saying. That my parents are going divorce Maybe :/ well everything is clear as water they are Gonna try it again in this relationship. So they are not getting divorce after That story what my Mother and father Told me everything is whole again. And i’m really glad and happy That not gonna divorce anymore on the other it us 5 months before we finally know what wad going on.

    So i hope you come one day to the Netherlands ;D btw you wont Regret it i PROMISE i could give you a tour through the Netherlands ;) haha :P

    Lovely Greetz Thirza have a Nice week a happy girl again ;)

    1. Thirza, I am happy to hear the news about your parents. It will take a lot of work on their part, but at least they are willing to give the relationship another try. All the best to you!

  • It has been delightful watching your career grow and your well-deserved popularity EXPLODE over the past several months. It seems each announcement you release is about something bigger, better, and more exciting than the last, which is pretty amazing.

    Congratulations on these latest steps in your path, Matthew. You’re doing a huge service to so many.


  • Great job on the trailer. Very engaging and does a good job of capturing Matthew’s gifts, drive and humor. I think it will speak more effectively to folks already familiar with Matthew’s work than to someone unfamiliar with him. It would be nice to see a longer version we could share to get folks who are unfamiliar with Matthew excited about the tour too.

    1. There are a lot of great videos on You Tube and the blog to share. The Get the Guy book is a great resource to share with people as well.

  • Looks wonderful! Hope you’re coming to Florida!

    Your comment about emotion being the source of your energy/drive reminded me of a quote I just read by Carl Rogers. In it he said: “One of the basic things which I was a long time in realizing, and which I am still learning, is that if an activity FEELS as though it is valuable or worth doing, it IS worth doing”.

    It’s inspiring to watch someone who is passionate about what they do – thank you!

    1. Yes! Good idea! Please come to Australia, Matty! I went to an event in London once and it was fantastic!
      Plus, Steve who was running it said you have a huge YouTube fan base here. Consider it one day! You would get heaps of press and lots of excited people coming who want your help too.

  • PLEASE COME TO SLC, UT!!!!!!!! we need you here!!!! so many beautiful young single girls needing to hear your wisdom :)

  • Matthew! I can’t wait to see you in Toronto! Hope you are coming… Yes I think you will!

    It’s going to be an amazing tour and I’m very excited for you :)

    Gooooo Matt!

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