3 Secrets to Make Him Want More with You

Have you ever wondered what makes someone truly irresistible?

There are literally 3 things you can do in the first month of knowing someone to trigger a deep level of attraction and make him want to be with you (and if you’ve known someone for longer than that, you can start now). Discover what they are in my brand new video…

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My name is Matthew Hussey and I give advice and stuff. Three secrets to make him want more. Jameson, are you ready to change some f***ing lives?

The other week, we did a video where we talked about the importance of warmth, and what we said was warmth creates opportunity. When we’re cold and distant and aloof and we make people feel like they can’t come over to us, we deprive ourselves of all the opportunities of people who would actually like to come over and approach us and start something. Warmth opens doors. It begins conversations.

In a program I have called How To Talk To Men, there is a chapter, chapter 20, that talks about the things that create a conversation, that he doesn’t want to end. And if you think about it, what is a relationship? What is marriage? But a commitment to a conversation we don’t want to end. Sort of why we get down on one knee, isn’t it? Really, we’re saying to someone, “Hey, this conversation I’m having with you, I don’t want it to end. I want it to keep going forever.”’ It’s quite beautiful.

So if being warm and open invites and begins conversations, secret number two is what makes someone never want that conversation to end. And secret number two is connection. First, let’s consider what a good conversation that creates connection actually looks like. It doesn’t look like tennis.


Matthew: “This is American tennis.”

Jameson: “This is it. We invented it.”

Matthew: “Wow. You seen any good movies lately?”

Jameson: “Toy Story. You?”

Matthew: “Ah, yeah. I saw it. What did you think?”

Jameson: “Good. What’d you think?”

Matthew: “It was pretty good. You up to anything this weekend?”

Jameson: “I’m going to watch a movie.”

Matthew: “Yeah, me too.”


You don’t want it to be that. Where essentially the entire conversation is about trying to get the ball out of your side of the court. Conversation is more like a game of soccer. Consider a friendly game of kick ups between friends.


Jameson: “It wasn’t so much that I wanted to become an astronaut. I just wanted to explore.”

Matthew: “That’s cool man. I love exploring. That’s what I love about travel. The food, the culture, the whole experience.”

Jameson: “Oh sick. You gone anywhere cool?”

Matthew: “I actually lived in China once and that was amazing. It was like when I was there, I kind of got homesick, but then when I got home I missed it.”

Jameson: “Oh sweet. I know that feeling. It’s so weird, feeling homesick for the first time and then feeling homesick for a distant place. You know what I mean?”

Matthew: “Yeah. I know exactly what you mean.”


That’s how conversation should be done. It’s not about getting rid of the ball as quickly as possible. It’s about saying something when you have the ball and then giving the other person the generosity of the space for them to say something.

The third thing, the third secret, you have to be real careful of, because if you take this and this and then you do the third thing as well, then you might just end up married, like Jameson.

Third secret is tension. Jameson, how impressed are you with my chili pepper?

[Jameson: I’m very impressed with your chili pepper.]

Pretty good chili pepper! That was my first attempt at that and that’s what I did. Another dimension to me, isn’t it?

Tension is what takes this warmth that makes someone go, “Oh, I want to be close to you because you’ve got an energy that just is… you’re just a sweet, lovely person I want to be around.” And then the connection that says, “You’re not just sweet and lovely but you, I want to get to know you. I want to know more about you. I want to spend a long time getting to know you. I want to have conversations with you.”

Tension is the thing that takes that conversation that’s already interesting but sends a bolt of lightning through it. Makes it exciting. The program I was talking about – How To Talk To Men, where chapter 20 came from, about how to create conversation that you never want to end – also has a chapter on creating tension, flirting, injecting all of that charged energy into your conversations. And I am giving you that chapter on flirting today at this link, GetTheFreeChapter.com. When you go there, you will download that chapter for free, Jameson. And when you’re in there, you’ll be able to have all these practical things you can say to create tension.

Between the video I did on warmth a couple of weeks ago, the connection video we did today, and this free chapter on tension, you might just rock your entire God damn love life. Go to GetTheFreeChapter.com. I’ll see you over there.

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7 Replies to “3 Secrets to Make Him Want More with You”

  • I’ve done all 3 things of these things. I’m a salsa Instructor so it’s part of my job to be warm to people and connect with them. I also always have tension with men. All of these things are very easy for me to create. Yet guys are still telling me they’re not ready to commit. (Even though I never displayed or put any pressure on the subject). You can have it all and guys will still be scared to death of commitment so I don’t believe there’s a surefire way to keep any man. Sometimes people just aren’t right for you. Sometimes people have more growing to do. I love your advice and there’s some truth to it but I apply alot of it and am still single. I’m already a bubbly, confident, determined woman and then some, yet I’m 34 & still single. I work on myself constantly but some things we can’t force or control. I think men need the help with working on themselves as well as knowing how to appreciate good women. Sorry for the rant. Just saying!! I’ve tried it all.

  • You guys are so freakin’ adorable -witty, charming, and you know your shit too! I totally loved this video. More like these please! xoxo

  • Hi. I’ve been texting this guy, we met through a mutual friend, for the last 4 months now with no success on a first date. I’ve literally done everything your advice has insisted, even text messages. According to our friend, he’s a super busy guy who. But, I just don’t know what to do anymore. I ask him to hang out and he replies with a legit reason why he can’t. Training for marathon, coffee roasting, work, prep for hunting, etc. He does text me every once in a while and our convos aren’t one sided, Im not in the blue lol. He has explained that he would like to date but doesn’t have the time. I’ve backed off a lot, giving his space, and supporting the things he does. Our mutual friend has given me a lot of insight on him and validates that he really is a great guy but values his single life more due to being hurt in the past. I haven’t given him a reason that I would hurt him too, I’ve been hurt too many times as well. We have discussed this. I’m just not sure how to go about snatching him haha. The investment isn’t there, but I’m in no hurry anymore to date. I’ve done the advice but the guy just isn’t ready. I stay just as busy as he does, I vacationed I Hawai’i for 5 weeks… he even texted me and commented on my IG posts. Help!

  • To Vanessa : this may sound harsh but if the guy is more interested in roasting coffee than in seeing you, please give up, don’t waste any more time hoping… When a guy is interested, he puts in some effort. From what you say, it looks like you want this more than he does -and as tough and disappointing as it may be, you can’t want for the 2 of you… Hope this is clear enough (english is not my native langage as you will have noticed :)) and can help. Take care of yourself

  • Hi Matthew!

    Mayra, CT. USA

    This guy looks to me like a “collector” he hit me like a train then he just stop me. He is amazingly handsome, smart, well built, just amazing! I try to get away many times by stop answering his texts messages and ignoring him (because I’m a nurse and visit my clients where he work) and he just stares at me and look at me so sweet that then he texted me again saying how good I look and all kind of stuff. When I try to move a little, like try go out for coffee he said he wants to keep it just and be friends no more. But is something that has comes and goes several times already in the past 6 months. I’m tired of the “ON – OFF” thing. That’s why I said that he might be a collector, he just want me in his orbit!
    I know that there somewhere is a girl in the same situation, please make topic for all of us suffering a relationship like this one!

    Thanks Matthew Hussey

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