The Ultimate Test For A Healthy Relationship

In this week’s episode of LOVELife, I discuss the ways to determine whether you’re in a good relationship. And if you find you’re not, how to try to make it healthier.

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10 Replies to “The Ultimate Test For A Healthy Relationship”

  • I have a unique situation. the guy I like works all the time and a year and a half ago he had a brain injury so hit it affects his short term memory greatly. my question is when does being understanding start to allows him to abused my understanding?.because he will go days and weeks without even responding to any kind of attempt of communication.

    1. I think you should have a reality check about this brain – accident for sure or he is a con artist with agenda? you should be really happy that he is doing you a favor by not responding. You will find out 2 yrs from today I guarantee you keep in touch with me. You really don’t wanna be with this type of person. Hugs…

  • I was just wondering what if someone doesn’t respect your standards and continues to walk all over you anyway?

    1. Hi, I hope you don’t mind my reply. I’ve been in situations where people have been this way and I feel best thing to do is walk away. I don’t mean just flat out ignore them but let them know that you lov them but the negativity is really affecting your life and you don’t choose to be part of it. I hope this helps a little

  • this hits me in the head.loool, i just got this kinda same situation wherein i broke up with the guy just because i could not say i want him to prioritize me rather than other stuffs in his life like what he believed in.and i started to attack him by bringing up “his words” ( that sarcastic & barbaric side of me which i am crucifying is up again.lool) but i am glad we patched it up…swallowed pride never tasted any better than any sweet words ;)
    a loving teammate is really hard to find…and we must not expect it from others if we can’t be that someone we are looking for…” deserve before we desire” is what this journey taught me.

    i love your white headphones♥ looks cool on you;)

    1. I wish I wasent so confused but listening to his words help. You would think dating a guy you would hear from him daily. It’s an awful feeling to know that the person you invest time in doesn’t make you feel like a priority. I need to know how to approach this conversation

  • Matthew, never for a day feel discontented with where you’re at or desensitised to what you giving.

    I was listening to this video and it dawned on me… You are actually awe-inspiring. I’m blown away by the genuine advise and intelligent truth you spill into our lives so consistently…

    You are breeding authentic love into the lives of thousands – Every day I become I better woman, A better friend, a better daughter, and a better human being. I have many mentors in my life but I didn’t expect my most powerful mentor to be the one that I’d never meet.

    Thank you for being so real, so dedicated, you really are living your life to the full and are one hell of a human being. You are such a blessing to me but additionally to the web of lives that you are touching through me – You’ve equipped me to Give so much.


  • What if you are the person who vented in a way that unintentionally upsets and stresses your partner? And what if you truly want to avoid doing that to them again, and feel embarrassed about the mistake you made? What is a good way to have that productive conversation?

  • This is creepily relevant to my life right now.
    Sometimes I’m so scared that my relationship won’t work out because he seems to have such huge problems dealing with any kind of complication. To the point where I don’t want to do anything adventurous with him because something might go less than perfect and he’ll probably get very frustrated and then the atmosphere is poisoned… It’s a bit like walking on eggshells – not in fear of what he might do to me (he always behaves in the sweetest way towards me) but in fear of spoiling his mood and then having to stand the complaining…
    We have very good communication and I am able to bring up at least parts of this problem – and I do feel like it gets better over time, so there is hope.

    Do you have any advice on how to deal with this? Not necessarily trying to change him, maybe just finding a way that helps me not be bothered by it so much.
    I’ve tried being apart from him and it was awful, I want to make this work.

    Thank you,

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