Are You Pretty Enough For Him?

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183 Replies to “Are You Pretty Enough For Him?”

  • Hey matthew
    Another great video and song choice :-)
    I like that you are uploading vlogs so frequently. Aside from learning from them, it also helps your viewers ‘get to know you’ a bit better
    Keep it up :-)

  • My ex, when he was breaking up with me, said (beside other reasons for breaking up) that he wants a woman that other men will also look behind her (because I didn’t wear high heels at the time and he likes women in high heel and nicely dressed etc etc (I started to wear them or started to getting used to them, but don’t worry, not because of him or anything like that. I just change my style very hard ;))…

    But that really did hurt me, like I cant dress up nicely enough

  • Ammm yeah beauty…I’m a fashion designer so I know what are you saying ._.

    thank you for the video, have a nice voyage :)


  • Never apologize for calling a bitch a bitch – They’ve got it coming! How many men have these awful women ruined by their games and unhappiness with themselves?

    I wanted to celebrate today how fricking reliable and responsible I am. I’m always on time. I live by the Golden Rule to a fault, and sometimes, I don’t always think it’s noticed, but once in a while it is and that, and sleeping great at night makes it all worthwhile.

  • Wonderful video! And many thanks for taking the time out to share this with us, when you are so very busy.
    OK, one thing I really like about myself is the fact that I am very analytical about people. I love to observe, discuss and yes, even dissect why people do what they do. I am also pretty intuitive about why people do what they do.
    I have to be careful sharing this side of myself with others because so many think that I am too critical. But I am not at all.
    I just like to focus and figure people out… and know I need to find a man who will appreciate and like that in me, as there is no way I can hide it for very long! LOL

  • Very well spoken Matthew, thankyou so much. I grew up with a stepfather that would tell me everyday how fat I was or how ugly or dumb. It isn´t easy to erace that from your subconcious but I did and as for your question, well, I´m a beautiful woman with a great personality, I´d rather people see my personality than my looks, I can make people laugh and enjoy themselves because I´m a singer. I´m glad a found the strength to turn into the person I am supposed to be. Good luck in New York!

  • Hi Matthew,
    what I like most about me is my quick wit.
    It happens at times that I actually crack away myself about something I said or commented on…and it’s awesome to see others are stunned and in stitches,too.

    Thank you for reminding me of it!!
    Have a lovely trip to N.Y.
    Cheers, Heike

  • My Sense of Caring, (ie: willingness to help others).


    Thanks, for taking the time and energy to share your insightful advice and guidance! Have to admit, that I mainly watch your videos, because they are so entertaining! (In a good way, of Course!)

    Ginni McCarthy Auckland, New Zealand

  • I’m pretty happy with how I look, but the features I like the most about myself are my high cheekbones, blonde curls, blue eyes, and “objectively perfect” hands and ears :P And I like my smile, it’s my best feature. I look like the stereotypical version of what I am: Norwegian. As for my personality, what I like the most (and what others like the least) is my boldness and persistence^^

  • Hey Matt
    Absolutely, a set of “all together” things offcourse.. and i must say charm can be beautiful, but it’s different for everyone :)
    But it’s mainly what we let out, and if we feel good about ourselfs.. BETTER :D It will show!!!
    a feature? i love my smile, and my eyes LOL ahah those are two!! sorry.. people usually enjoy talking to me, cause i am very understanding and good listener, and if they feel troubled they trust my advices too.. i hope this is not too many features :P lool
    Have a safe flight take care

  • Hello Matthew !

    It is always a pleasure to hear from you :D
    I was wondering what your plans are for the future.
    Would you come to Brussels once ?

    I learned to focus on the whole package two years ago
    and it worked. People say that I am charismatic and attractive cause I am positive and with so much energy.
    Work on the beauty you all have !

    So,women, be yourself !

    Keep it going !


  • Its probably different for each person, but how exactly can we improve on playing the hand we where given? x

    1. Kate, I’m not sure how Matt would say to enhance the hand you’re dealt. But I know how I learned to. I read once that I should look at myself naked in the mirror once a day, and find something you like — possibly even saying it out loud. It could be your hair for the day, or a freckle you like, or your silhouette in the sunlight, or anything. I started to do that — and I found myself appreciating more of me than I did before.

      So when I realized I had this arsenal of things I liked, I stopped thinking about the things I didn’t like, and my confidence grew. And when you don’t have to think about all those things you don’t like about yourself, you can just talk to people (men), and those things you now have in mind (that arsenal of good) comes out without you even mentioning them. You never want to say “look at how pretty I am today” but if someone gives you a compliment, you can take it with a smile, and not a cringe because all you can think of are the things you don’t like about yourself.

  • Amen to that vlog! I’d say my clumsiness is a huge part that defines my personality lol I learned to deal with it. Have a great flight to NY :D

  • Hi Matt,

    I loved this video. Ever since I began to focus on all the positive aspects of myself and truly believe that I was beautiful and valuable because I decided so, I have noticed a positive response from so many people.

    Every individual on this blog can decide for themselves that they are beautiful and it will be projected and reflected to all others!

    Keep it up.


  • Thank you for the breakdown on the beauty issue. I hope you realize that one of the many reasons you have such a following is because a women’s lack of confidence completly plays into her ever seeing herself as beautiful. You help with the confidence issue which is almost as large an issue as the Bitch issue. FYI I was not offended by the Bitch comment because honestly we all have a bitch card some of us just choose to play it more often than others. Thanks for trying to stay connected with us. Have fun in New York. Thanks again

  • I only wish most men were that perceptive as you.
    Do I think less of men? Sometimes, looking in general, I do.
    Though thankful for those who are different :)

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