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How to Text Guys – 4 Messages He’ll Love

He sends you a text message. It says “miss you”.

Ugh, really?

You thought he had disappeared, gone cold.

Is he going to just win you back so easily? You’re in a real dilemma about what to say next. (If you want to make sure you handle this EXACTLY right, this video explains the exact words that will now get him more attracted). You ask yourself: What if there was just ONE PERFECT text that you could deploy right now that would communicate how awesome you are without seeming needy or aggressive?

Well, good news. I’m about to reveal what golden texts you can send to make sure you’re equipped for all different kinds of scenarios…

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33 Replies to “How to Text Guys – 4 Messages He’ll Love”

  • Hi Matt
    I was hoping to find a text that you would write when a guy texts you (go take a picture and show me how nice your body looks) but I actually have some rules that he is not allowed to see how I look nor sleep with me. I’ve been fighting with him for saying no every time. What should I do cause he’s not talking to me anymore.

    1. There is a video that is what to reply when he sends a pic of himself (d&#% pic). I think it also deals with if he asks you for a pic of you as well. “I’m sorry I think you’re confusing me with a future me who…” If you haven’t watched it yet you should.

  • This is what I need!!! I don’t need someone telling me not to fall for these text messages, but HOW to actually respond to them them. Thank you so much, this really helps. :)

  • Awesome! Wish I’d seen something like this years ago. Lmao! The cheek of them. Like you’re the answer to their dreams. Love the one about not turning up. :)

  • Thanks! Thanks for breaking down what the deal is with the texts and how to respond appropriately. I really value the insights you provide…

    Thanks Matthew! :)

  • Hi Matt – I so love the theatrical “hey I’ve been thinking about you” it was laugh out loud funny.

    I did want to offer an alternative to the “hey” option. You’ve said to text “hey!” I have used a derivative of this. I’ve used “Yo!” I like this as it has the added benefit of using less characters which demonstrates my standard & yet the exclamation point shows a light-heartedness too I think.

    Your thoughts?

    Also, I wondered if you could offer an alternative to saying flakey for the 4th reply? I’m in Melbourne in Australia & that’s not really a term used here much.

    I also wondered why you even gave a response to the 4th text? I would have thought a far more empowered response would be no reply at all? At best someone who stood me up without explanation would get the ZZzz emoticon!

    Thanks for your consideration & I look forward to more from you.

    You’ve been a pleasure to watch & listen to.



  • Hey, Matthew, my coach. As usual, you’re AMAZING. You manage to hit the nail, right on the head! And the way you mimic the guys is SOOOOOOOOO funny LOL. I’ve been in this situation a few times with guys in the past and it’s so helpful now to get these tips thank you xx

  • Human being …. HELP :/

    I know what you read is not related to the subject here … but I have a question

    I LOVE sex , it’s the most beautiful experience that man and woman can share . I LOVE feeling of my partner’s boner when he hugs … it’s a huge turn on :D … whispering in his ear telling him that I can’t wait to rip his clothes off and have sex with him :D <3 . I'll do blow job even though it's disgusting , but I'll never stop learning how to improve my skills " blow job " till I make him satisfied … while I kiss him I'll reach my hand gently to his 8===D …and make him appreciated ;) . I'll explore his fantasies and main too … and one of them is " the sex nature " which is having sex in the nature in the day light ' I have nothing to hide , so does he '…and no not in front people , but I have to make sure that we won't caught by the cops ;) . I'd love to give him a massage specially 8===D and around it :D

    but the ONLY thing that I hate is anal sex , it's a deal breaker to me , why? because the damages that anal sex causes . I do really care about me and my partner's sex health … read this article to understand https://www.medinstitute.org/2012/06/anal-sex-a-dangerous-trend-3-2/?doing_wp_cron=1454262230.0654580593109130859375

    lots of women are suffering because of the anal sex , they are afraid to communicate to their partners that they hate anal sex :/ . and if my partner asked me to have anal sex , then he reached to a point that he can't satisfy me as a woman . Because the sexual way that makes me feel like a woman is through my vagina . and there are more than 360 of sex positions … doggy position , dragon position , donkey position ,…. :D <3 .
    So , how can I communicate to him my standard without bruising his ego .

    Human being …. HELP :/

    1. Yeah have fun with “the sex nature”

      If you’re not into something just say I’m not into that, right now. He’s a big boy, I’m sure he won’t burst into tears.

    1. Flaky is like when someone is not sure or committed about something, they back out of things.

      It’s colloquial so someone can correct me if I’m wrong

  • Matt, I REALLY LOVE these videos, I mean, we all really love it! What if this man is your ex that you were waiting to be running back to you? I know you have an awesome program about it and i’m following the 5-step plan. However being in Brazil I’m having particular difficulties to buy it now. It would change my life to have some strategies about the contact period.


    1. PALOMA o livro dele ja foi traduzido pro português e é maravilhosooo tem no Amazon.com.br o livro chama :Mulheres poderosas não esperam pela sorte: Saiba como encontrar o homem certo e fazer ele se apaixonar por você,mandei email pra editora e eles colocaram esse nome hehe mas é dele sim,pede ele aqui nos comentários pra disponibilizar outros livros/programas de treinamento em português..ia vender muito.


    For the “entertain me” text response, what if a guy writes “hey what’s up”, instead of just “hey”. Would your suggested response of “Hey!” still be appropriate or do I need to think of something interesting to say to the “what’s up” part.

    And this is a guy replying on a Monday midday after not texting me back on a Friday night.

    Please reply soon, it’s urgent

  • Hey Matt,

    Thank you for the amazing video! I’m just wondering if the guys who behave like that in the first place should be considered as quality guys at all. Maybe I get it wrong but I seems that the mentioned messages show that this particular guy is lazy, selfish or irresponsible. Should we really deal with them longer?

    Could you clarify if good guys can write messages like those?

    Thank you again,

    1. He might have his own reason for that (works, family issues,…) which you might want to hear him out if he explained to you. You could give him a second chance, but if it happens again then NO. Just stay away at that point. As everyone always says, nobody is too busy for the people they care about, so watch out for those red flags.

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