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Stop Being An Overachiever And Start Living

In this week’s episode of LOVELife, I share two lessons to help get past the ‘overachiever’ mindset and instead, focus on the quality of life.

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3 Replies to “Stop Being An Overachiever And Start Living”

  • This made me relax a bit THANK YOU! I always feel that even when I have time off I should do something valuable something that moves me forward and I don’t watch a film I want or read a book I want that is just for entertaiment or something I just fancy cuz it seems like a waste of time and I’m missing on some new informations and things I can use in the future. All I’m doing is watching documentaries and learning new things and absorbing everything just in case and figuring out what I want to do and I am forgeting to have fun and just relax. I haven’t seen my best friend in ages and she lives 2 minutes away :(

    Thank you again for this video!
    Best wishes from Slovakia ;) if you know where it is :P

  • Being an Asian immigrant I am an overachiever like that, and thank you Matt for this reminder!

    keep up the good work!!!!



  • I appreciate this video on an extraordinary level as a newly admitted medical student. I mean, all throughout my life, my actions had to be relevant to “how can I become the ideal candidate for medicine”. Even after I recently gained acceptance, when I am supposed to be celebrating and enjoying my last free summer, I still find myself in that over-achiever mindset with my focus shifted to “now how can I succeed in medicine”. Not only did this video make me reflect deeply about my mindset, but it also made me realize that my mindset has to change. Not many people understand this aspect of me, so I feel so much more connected to you. Here’s to gradually learning how to live a happier and healthier life! xo

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