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Simple Ways To Show Your Guy You Care

In this week’s episode of LOVELife I take a call from Angela where we discuss surprise, affection, and ways to go out of your way for your guy.

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4 Replies to “Simple Ways To Show Your Guy You Care”

  • I’ve actually been thinking about what we ladies can give back to the special guy/guys in our life.

    Great advice Matt! :)

    Have a lovely Sunday,
    Wave x

  • Thank You, Matthew, I watch, literally, EVERYTHING I can find with Your name on it. It is real value, wise advice with a lot of insight into a woman’s nature and problems. I love Your more general stuff as well, like lectures on entrepreneurship. Anything from You will do. Keep Your excellent work. I love Your new material, love brainal, love Your parents, boring heroes, I’ve got the book Get the Guy. And tell everyone how my dreary life has changed with Your appearing on the screen of my laptop. Thank YOu soooo much!
    Hugs and kisses
    ALina :-)

  • The 5 love languages!

    This book was such a huge eye opener for me. My husband and I were only 20 ish years when we read it and I remember feeling like I was given the secret codes! It’s not too long of a book, it simplifies different personality types into 5 categories of how people feel and express love in their natural language. My husband and I have VERY different love languages and I know our relationship wouldn’t be as amazing as it is without this knowledge. Not only did I learn how to show him love in his language and vise versa, but I recognised the things he did for me in his own language for me from then on. I know it’s a popular book and people have often at least heard of it. But Go Read It! Please! They even have different versions written for different audience viewpoints.


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