When He Flakes on You, Send Him THIS Text

You had a lovely date. The guy told you he was “looking forward to seeing you again sometime.”

Then a day goes by… then a week… still nothing…

Suddenly he texts: “heyyyy.” You send a few messages back and forth, but you wonder why he’s so flaky about making plans with you.

In this week’s video, I show you a live demo of the HIGH-VALUE response you must give a guy to guarantee he’ll grow a pair and schedule a REAL date with you

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23 Replies to “When He Flakes on You, Send Him THIS Text”

  • Ohh! I just love this so much Matt! loving this mind set. Thank you!!!
    And you made laugh so hard with “growing a pear”

  • That was awesome! I loved seeing how you work real time. I wish we could’ve seen his response to your suggestion. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ha even he does say ok, ok let’s get together this Saturday he can still bail on you, trust me it’s happened to me.

  • Awesome! Wonderful advice! Keep the videos coming! Love it! & Look forward to the next one… ;) <3

  • I’ve been communicating with this guy for several weeks now. We are both sick and tired of the dating scene. We hit it off and have the same family values and interest. He was calling me everyday, several times a day. First I have to say he’s an Excavator so he was away on a job and when he came back he had a roofing job waiting for him but he was coming straight to see me before heading home. He did though tell me that the ride took a toll on him and that he was going straight home to bed because he was exhausted. So that’s fine but I tried contacting him the next day and he said he’s with his granddaughter that he would call me back but no call. Now I asked him about his family and he said they are older and living on their own so us seeing each other wouldn’t be an issue. Well it’s been a few days I did try to contact him but no response back. I dont know whether I should worry or be pissed off that he hasn’t called me. What do I do in a situation like this??? I really like this guy and it seemed like he liked me too.

  • I just finished reading the Article “The secret to Dealing with Passive-Aggressive People” by Amanda L. Chan in Huffingtonpost and thought guys commitment avoidance could be related to the passive-aggressive concept in psychology. I just wanted to share my thought with you. Is it a bit? (Passive-aggression could be a silent hostility.)

  • This is a long story but I’d like to have anybody’s opinion. Thanks in advance.

    I met this man initially on the internet, dated him for 3 months. We didn’t litterally go out like lunch or dinner in a restaurant or something. He’d just invited me over to his place and had whatever he cook. (Not romantic I know). I met his adorable kids, they seemed to like me. Invited them to few special events at home. We are neighbours by the way.

    I was communicating with my ex as friends but it bothers me and told me that he didn’t want drama and said to sort out my unfinished business with him. We happily broke up. No message or whatever then 3 weeks after, he messaged me through LinkedIn.

    To make the story short, we caught up and got back together the following week. (Yaaaay! Happy ending?!) The problem was his ex back then still in contact with him. He told me that he was concerned about his ex because he threatened him to hurt or kill herself. Red flag! I tried my best to empathised with him. It was an emotional weeek as we just got back together. He also told me not to let my family know that we’re together as he just want the time for us. He felt overwhelmed the last time I invited him or the kids to our place on few occassions, he said.

    He went out of the town for a couple of days due to his work. We were still alright sending message back and forth. Sent him a ‘bon voyage’ message. Hours and hours I’ve waited for his message to just let me know of he landed safely but nothing.

    My concern arose when I checked his whatsapp last seen on a regular basis or see if he was online. He was! 5 minutes ago to when I last opened my whatssapp. 3 days still got no message even for a ‘Hi. I’m alive. Was busy wasn’t able to message you. Juat letting you know I couldn’t still message as *whatever his reasons were*. I would understand but he never messaged me.

    I decided to end up everything with us. Sent him a nicely written break up letter. It was just ‘Seen 10 minutes ago’. He responded the next day with not really nice message. I was really hurt and I think I am still now just trying to repress.

    We moved on. Found out he’s in relationahip as his whatsApp DP is with someone while I am seeing someone too.

    After 3 months maybe, our roads crossed. It happened that my cousin and I walked past his place after attending church service. I don’t have a choice, by the way, as its the only route to take to get to the church and I don’t drive too.

    Anyway, I flashed a smile and just greeted him while he smiled back forcefully. I knew straighaway that he’d view my linkedin profile and he did that night. I viewed back after several days. He viewed my profile 3x already over 5 months.

    What can you say about all of my story? Shall I message him first and ask what he has in mind and end things once and for all in person?! I am in relationship now and I’m happy with him. I just don’t like the feeling or even a thought of communicating with an ex. But I also like to have a proper closure with my ex as I can’t still get over to what he told me about me using him. I’m still hurt and angry thinking about it.



    1. That man does not deserve your time. Write a fake letter and write out everything you need to say and then burn or rip it up and toss it. You’ll feel closure then.

  • Love it, Matthew! Thank you for your practical advice. I and my girlfriends have come across this exact situation before, and it’s always great to know how to approach these very common and frustrating dating situations.

  • I am a guy: I flake when woman think they can just sit around and do nothing and expect me to do everything. How often have you come across guys that do that? I’m curious. I need a site like yours for understanding why women can expect you to be the one to make all the moves, start all the conversations. It’s really frustrating. I got nothing to prove. I am not someone’s servant. I feel you give women more power to pick out the punks, but they use these tools to be control freaks. Big turn off. I feel dating seems like everyone has trust issues and you have to prove everything. Confuses the hell out of me anyway.

    Men don’t like to be controlled any more than women do. These type of sites baffle me because I’m not sure they are not creating other problems as a result.

  • Thanks for this video.
    Been single 22 years.
    How and where do I start being completely confident and where do I even start getting back into the the dating world.

  • What’s with the different domains & having to download different pdfs? It is making me question your motives, Matthew :)
    I’d rather be able to search topics on one website & save storage on my device.

  • hey Matt.. just wanted a lil piece of advice on how to initiate a text conservation with him?????so that he definitely replies even if he is engaged in something.

  • I lol-ed my socks off at the bleeped out expletive, my response was exatctiy the same. Brilliant stuff

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