Should You Give Up Looking For A “Perfect Guy”?

Do you have a vision of a perfect guy in your head? Could you settle for anything less than that?

That’s the question we all ask ourselves when we’re single.

Maybe he’s messy, maybe he’s moody, maybe he just doesn’t have a job that interest you. But which of these should you pay attention to, and which should you let slide?

In this week’s episode of LOVELife, I talk to a caller who wants to know whether she should wait for someone who meets all her criteria, or whether she should compromise on what she wants for a relationship. I’m also joined for the first time by my brother Stephen in the studio, who I’ve enlisted to offer his wisdom for the iHeart listeners. Get ready for a Hussey tag team ;)

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9 Replies to “Should You Give Up Looking For A “Perfect Guy”?”

  • That was really good! Really appreciated Stephen’s practical examples of character vs superficial deal breakers. Good stuff!

  • Lovely to see Stephen in the studio, his charisma that comes across so beautifully in the articles is also here in his smile and voice.
    I’m all for logic and reason whilst still being romantic but when you are madly in love you could be shown another billion amazing guys and you only want the one who is completely awesome in your eyes. In fact, when you are with them you can’t even see straight. You are definitely not thinking there might be better, you are at the best party ever and you don’t want to leave.

  • Hi there,Mathew.First i wanna say u r so inspiring to me and thanks for all ur work. then i wanna say sth. u r so much better at life thinking which is very profound. I just saw a video called I suck…u r grateful for not just ur fans but anyone who pay attention. u said u wanted to do better which is great, but u said u would be contributed more which is not necessary. Just take our comments seriously within u. That’s enough. U have been done a lot. no need to reply as much to put yourself too much on social network. Honestly i so want to see u more interacting with us but for ur own good, give yourself more private time and enjoy yourself. Wish u a happy new year!
    From a watcher of you

  • Hey Mathew! I really like his video, I have to be honest an say that lately I had stopped to follow you ;P for one reason… You use many times a sentence to introduce your and argumentations “you have meet a really great guy, you had a moment of connection etc, etc” Well since a very long time ago I have not meet a really great man (single) or had a moment of connection. Sure has been a lot of flirting going in this year and I had fun but nothing that I was really interested to start dating. Where are all those guys with potential??!!. I also believe that it will feels right with a right person. But I feel a bit lost. Well thanks for your tips again :D

  • Mat! I finally find a good nice date! She is awesome and we may wanna get married. She is serious about relationship. I was dating people for one year like a crazy person. I gave up and I started listen to you when I wanted to start a conversation to someone. You told that we need to give them value. I sent a msg on Fb to a girl who was trying to make friends. We have chemistry and she likes me and chases me. I want to do my best to keep her. Thank you for your advice!

  • Mathew,

    I just discovered who you are today and I have been binge watching your videos! It’s been so interesting and awesome to hear your take on relationships and life in general. You and I are very similar in our viewpoints of how language is so powerful and, if handled correctly, can accomplish almost anything. Thank you for sharing :)

  • I’ve met someone new but I don’t know if he likes me. He is by far the kindest, gentlest, nicest guy I have ever met. He’s nice to me. But… he’s nice to everyone. I can’t tell if he likes me or if I’m just another face in the crowd. Pretty sure he knows I like him (due to my uncontrollable blushing when we first met). I can’t ask him. I can’t initiate anything. It’s not because I don’t know how to talk to men; it is due to the circumstances. It’s bothering me a lot because I don’t think I have ever met anyone so nice, or ever will again. He’s pretty special, inside and out. I might be a little too dazzled. It is easier to tell if a guy who is fairly indifferent to everyone likes me, because his behavior will be different towards me than towards others. It’s more difficult with the nice guys because they’re nice to everybody, so I am just stumped! (Possibly I should add there is an awkward age difference, but nothing else wrong with him – he’s pretty much everything I admire in a man.)

  • I think we should love someone but not actually fall in love with them because when we love we can see other person mistakes and then accept them or leave the person if his mistakes became unbearable but if we fell in love we would be blind to their mistakes and that is just not healthy… So i think we should choose someone half by our hearts and half by our minds

    1. And it’s just so hard to find someone that we love and at the same time he is right for us… At many cases we eaither fall in love or just want the guy for his capabilities and chances he could offer to us

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