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The 4 Traits Men Want in a Woman

In my programs I often talk about what makes a woman irreplaceable to a man.

What does that one woman who seems to effortlessly get into relationships and have men wanting to marry her possess that other women don’t?

If you want the 101 on what men really think, this is where to start…

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What are four of the primary traits that men are really looking for in a woman? Now obviously this is subjective. Obviously not every man follows these four as their top four but I think this is a pretty good stab at it.

Number One: Playfulness. Playfulness is one of the most attractive traits because life is hard enough without being with someone who is serious all the time, so we look for that in our partner. That could be somebody who, when a great song comes on, they start dancing in a funny way or in a silly way or in just a cute way. It could be somebody who, when they look at you in that moment, they say, “If you don’t kiss me right now I’m going to die.”

The second one is Sexiness. Sexy is not somebody who has to be overtly sexual. It somebody who shows their sexual side. You could show it by moving in a sexy way. You can do it by showing somebody that you desire them. It can be by a look that you give somebody. You can give a guy a little cheeky look across the table that says, “I’m undressing you right now with my eyes and you don’t even know it.” And now he picks up on something but you don’t actually have to say that that’s what you were doing when he says, “What?” You can go, “What? I was just looking at you.” In that moment there is some tension. Or you could interpret a look he gives you and when he looks at you a certain way if it’s sort of manly and strong and there’s something seductive about it, you can look at him and be like, “You can’t look at me like that. Not in public. Don’t do that. That’s bad.” And then look away. Turn away. Get him out of your sight because it’s too much for you. Just in that moment he feels that sexual tension and he sees that you have a sexual side.

Number three: Nurturing. The person who makes you feel both loved and looked after. That the person who, when they see you yawn, doesn’t like slap you on the arm and say, “Wake up. It’s still early.” It’s the person who, when you yawn, says, “Long day babe? Come here. Give me a cuddle.”

Number four is Independence. When you are independent, when you have your own life, your own hobbies, things you enjoy doing, things you enjoy learning about and you have your own strength of mind independent of him, that’s what keeps him attracted. That’s what keeps his desire level high.

Now this may sound intimidating but you don’t need to be all of these four traits at the same time. The key is to be the right amount of it at the appropriate time. And if somebody sees that over the course of a day or a week you can be all of these different parts of you, they see a multifaceted human being that they never want to let go of.

Now if you enjoyed this video and you want even more specific and practical advice, I have five things that you can say to a guy that get him massively attracted to you and in a way that’s unique to you. Check it out. It’s at SayThisToHim.com. I will link it up here and see you in the next video.

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