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  • I love the new showreel! I know I’ve managed to go for what I want in many aspects of my life, but never with my love life. I’ve waited around to be asked out, and most of the time get asked out by guys I’m not interested in. Over the years, there has been a handful of guys that are great, and it could have gone somewhere if I had said something at the right time. I think perhaps many women expect a Prince Charming to come along and sweep them off their feet. I know I did.

  • Nice newsreel. I think you need to reach people in online workshops, as well as live. The majority of ppl cannot fly to the UK, but there are a wealth of potential clients via social media.

    I visualize a number of workshops ppl can take online – pick and choose what they need/want. Perhaps a series that can be done in order or at will.

    I’ve learned a lot from YouTube shorts and via the email newsletter.

    Thank you!

  • I think this is great, Ive been getting your emails for a month now and you say some great stuff, I wish I had met you sooner then I wouldnt have messed up so much.
    online class thing would be great, when are you coming to America? hope to take a class then.

  • Please do a tour in the USA not just LA and New York. Hit as many major cities as possible. You are the perfect candidate to help American women. Im sure know we are kinda obsessed with hot British guys in the states so we’ll listen to you.

  • Hey Matthew! :) Congratulations for your huge success. I believe this Earth has everything necessary to improve life, love and happiness. You make part of that. Are you sure you’re not the Cupid for 21st century? :)

    I already saw and read some of your tips. I really agree with high value women have high value men and vice versa. Although it seems that you support the idea of not giving a second chance to someone. Kind of if your lovable one hurts you in some way, it’ll probably happen other times in life, so you need to end that relationship immediately and find another person that shares the same values as you. I would like to know what is your opinion about forgiveness. Also I would like to know what you think about someone who is constantly in new relationships, does it reveals that person is insecure and doesn’t love herself first? Thanks for your time :)

  • Hi Matthew! The new showreel looks great!! “Wait or Create” I love that quote! Your incredible energy is conveyed throughout, and it really demonstrates that you’re a highly sought-after expert in the field of women and love! Would love to see some quotes about your work from other experts in the field. I’m sure you blow them away :)
    Wishing you great success always!

  • Matt, I’ve got just 3 words for you…


    P.S: Wish I could be in UK just for your Secrets of Attraction event :)

  • Have you thought about having your own tv show? I would watch it! Like Gok’s ‘how to look good naked’ but a relationship type version?

  • Maybe you should do a DVD for all of those ppl who can not attend to your live workshops. I’ve learned a LOT about dating since I been watching your videos, and you make it so simple!, you’re a real artist of dating. Thank you!.

  • Hiya Matt,

    Great news reel, really shows just how much you’ve done and how big ‘get the guy’ has become! Quick question though: The clip at about 0:47-1:05. Where is it from and can I find the full version anywhere?

    Thanks! Keep up the great work! :)

  • “Wait or Create” is brilliant! you manage to say the 3 words I’ve really been longing to hear -truly amazing. thanks for being one of the guys who is not only inspired but inspiring to us! LOL

  • Great showreel. I am so sorry that I wasn’t able to attend the weekend when you came to the US. I am trying to save up so that I can come to the UK and be apart of the weekend seminar. Wishing you all the best, now and in the future.

  • Hey Matt,
    Nice video showreel! Very professional :) Still wishing you could come here to Malaysia and coach some of us here. It might pose some challenge to you with the different cultures and all, but we’re still woman trying to look for the life we want. :)


  • Hi Matt,

    Congratulations on your success, you deserve it. I believe the tips you encourage women to follow are fantastic and really promote such heathy and empowering qualities and I try my best to follow them as much as I possible.

    However, after using your tips I finally found myself in a long term, committed relationship that I was content with, until earlier this month when it ended under the most peculiar of circumstances…
    Jason, my partner, was ‘running late’ due to ‘work’ and was supposed to be meeting me at my parents house to celebrate my mother’s birthday. I had spoken to him on the phone late in the afternoon and he said he’d still be there, only later than expected, and that he loved me. At this point in the relationship he had, more than once, failed to arrive on occasions he said he would but in his job he is often on call and he didn’t always have a way to contact me in time to let me know, but he’d always call as soon as he could to tell me what was happening, (in saying that I was well aware and had confronted him on the fact that he was a compulsive lier at times, to the point of making up stories that had no effect on anything just so that he had something interesting to say, which I naively excused). The night progressed and he never arrived and never called. The next morning I was beginning to worry so I called him and sent a text, no answer or reply. thinking maybe he’d been called out to work (as has happened before) and had lost or forgotten his phone, I went to his house after work, he wasn’t there. After 3 days of absolutely no contact and no answer from him or his family when I tried to contact them, I was extremely worried and decided to contact authorities. They were extremely helpful and informed me that he was alive and well, he had been to work every day since I’d last spoken to him and that if he wished to contact me he would.

    So now I’m left with this: I’m to assume that this was his way of dumping me, loosing all contact and hoping that I wont have the gumption to locate and confront him. As much as I would love to find out where exactly I went so terribly wrong, I’m afraid of what I might learn. At this point in time I’m completely rattled and feel like there must be something unbelievably wrong with me for someone to just pretend to drop of the face of the earth in order to avoid me. But, what confuses me the most is that I saw no signs that he wasn’t invested in the relationship anymore, the last words he’d said to me were that he missed me and he loved me (?). I’m hurt, lost and confused. Any tips on how to move on from here?



  • It’s amazing!! i really love the video!

    and you’re so right! We have to work for the life we want, just waiting is not going to bring us anywhere. But i never get myself to really DO anything. i don’t really know what i’m afraid of and it’s really annoying. when it comes to speaking with guys i’m just horrible.

    but thanks for all of your videos! they helped me a lot to get to know my problems and i’m sure they will help me to be strong and confident enough to do something against it in the future!

    great video – great work! :)


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