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How to Never Run Out of Things to Say in Conversation

Uh-oh… that cute guy just smiled and asked what you’re drinking. He has broad shoulders and adorable dimples.

You make 2 minutes of small talk. But then you draw a blank…

Crap. You’ve run out of things to say. What now?? How do you get out of this awkward silence??

If this has ever happened to you, you need to watch this video.

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19 Replies to “How to Never Run Out of Things to Say in Conversation”

  • I’m still here… Im going to run a 14 day oxytocin experiment. Clearly, I’d never make it as a top secret agent.

    Your first answer was fine and I liked it best, personally. I like the comment at the end about entertaining yourself first. :) I am going to think about what was my FavOrite part of weekend/vacation and talk about that first.

    My favorite part of your Japan trip (lmao) was the shot of Tokyo u had posted at breakfast of the skyline. The starting line. Also when people ask about holidays and stuff, they may be envious or feel left out. So it’s nice to say “if you decide to go, you should really try X”

    I’m always scared to share postive information because not everyone IS happy for me and I’ve faced some bullying in the past. I am smart about what to reveal, to whom, and at what time. Because life is too short to be on defense all the time. Some people don’t need to know all the details. There is a response to every person.

    Like I don’t talk about my job in detail to my friends who are looking for a job or just starting a new role. This is not because they are unhappy for me but because even if they ask how things are going, I don’t want to make them feel negative towards their own situation in comparison.

    I also know some things I’ve achieved are kind of a big deal. I don’t talk about them because I don’t brag or I was never taught to… I’m going on a tangent. But if I’m in a conversation with a bragger – it just becomes a one sided conversation. A lot of “mm hms” and I’m genuinely happy but when I share a good thing, the response from the other person is not that great. One of my friends who is older is genuinely nice but to be honest, our capacity to be happy for others seems to be highly tied to our own situations. Except me haha I know when I’m starting to feel a little jealous but I convert that to genuine happiness and I carefully modulate my tone of voice because I’m special.

    ;) now, let’s see about this bonding hormone :(

    Oxytocin experiment – 1/23 – a fan’s field notes
    In 14 days, oxytocin the bonding hormone will have been run out its half life and degraded in the body. My hypothesis is that on January 23, I should not feel residual unexplainable attraction other than the normal surface biological and evolutionary features of male female attraction. I assume those markers are the normal patterns of good health and viability.

      1. be happy in knowing that you are loved exactly as you are

        Life is an infinitely powerful core essence that emanates powerfully within each of us and through great adversity, we come to realize this power. The human spirit is unshakeable and we must call and allow the good & happiness to be restored after painful experience.

        You are as happy as you allow
        Call in the good

        1. Release is an important part of human life and I am learning to smile, bless, forgive, bow, and let go any past that does not reflect my true spirit

          Nothing is a big deal

  • OMG Matt. Whichever staff get this sent to Matt!!! You are so brilliant !! When you got to this point I had this whole response in my head about how I got to where you are with Albert Einstein and Eckhart Tohle. You are brilliant! You got there in two weeks??? It took me two years to figure out what “be yourself” really meant . To me it’s all about getting out of your head connecting with your gut and talking about what you feel and not what you think. I had to study matter and energy and our connections with our soul before I got there . I am so impressed with you . Yes people I would marry him in a heartbeat.

  • WOW, I really loved this advice like we all know but forget most of the time :) Thanks for reminding us what is great for communication!!

  • WOW, I really loved this advice like we all know but forget most of the time :) Thanks for reminding us what is great for communication!!

    And book recommendation is taken :D I love different books too :)

    And I agree, we should entertain everyday :)

  • Really enjoy your videos and your advice. A lot of wisdom in what you said. I particularly agree with the intrinsic message of working on our own happiness and finding out who we really are before thinking about getting into a relationship.

    I have a question: an ex keeps coming back each time he is between girlfriends. He would confide in me and show me his vulnerability. For the past 5 years, we have stayed in touch, but whenever he contacts me he is always a little emotional and hurt from his previous relationship. My question is, does he see me as a therapy centre where he gets some attention and then disappear? Perhaps I just wanted to hear it from you so that I could consider cutting him out of my life altogether.

  • I love this- I realized a while back that while I love and enjoy my life and the people I meet, I don’t focus on specific things- I realized it when my fella called and asked what I was up to and I was… “oh, not much”. In fact, I had come home from work, received a package with my new mandoline ( flat slicer for food prep) and had started using it and had just moments before sliced off a sliver of my finger tip! And I’m saying, oh, not much! I my take it in stride, but I’ve always got my hands into something, especially when I’m puttering about and frankly a lot of it is actually amusing/interesting.
    You keep us on our toes and show us how to focus our perspective and frankly, it is valuable in all areas of life. But enough about you… ;-)

  • I have a bit of an engineer brain so I loved this one – very helpful basketball analogy! So, I’m reading a biography on John Keats at the moment and thought that if He and Tony Robbins got together and had a child, he might be a lot like you actually… Hope that’s a compliment :)

  • I’m not sure what happened to Matthew over the holidays, but am I the only one feeling a bit intimidated by his energy this year so far? I mean don’t get me wrong, the videos have always been great, but I feel like he’s taking the videos to a whole new level this year. Buckle up, everyone. This year’s going to be an intense ride!

  • Really helpful for me since I always running out of idea when people ask me ‘how was your day/holiday?’. Keep on learning to be someone interesting and fun. Thanks Matt.

  • I’m 73 marrying a 63 yr old in January. I want to be a firecracker in bed every night. I have not been intimate for 20 yrs. !exactly! I had a mediocre sex life with my husband of 30 years. How do I GET THERE WITH THE LOVE OF MY LIFE? I want him to be blown away right away.
    Help Please!

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