How Can I Get Kissed Under The Mistletoe?

I’m back in New York right now. It’s snowing here and feeling very Christmassy!

If you missed me on The Today Show this morning, here’s the video for you…

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From The Video

Laurie asks:

“My husband’s parents always come over on Christmas eve. Now they also want to visit on Christmas day. How do I announce to my husband I want to stick to our traditional plans (which does not include them)?”

My Response:

It’s tough, especially when someone’s family means more to them than they do to you. Unfortunately, Christmas is also about family, so trying to exclude them on that one day is not easy.

I think you have to communicate that you want your special time together with your husband; a time where you have your traditions, quirks and moments, but that you also want to make him happy by spending time with his family.

Embrace them make it a great day.

Lindsay asks:

“I’m 25 and have never been kissed under the mistletoe. I’ve been told I’m intimidating. How do I set off the signal at holiday parties that I’m available and interested?”

My Response:

I have a 7 Step Guide for this. If you want to go through the entire guide – designed to get you that kiss on New Year’s Eve – it’s available here.

As a few snippets from the guide…

Firstly – smile – it’s the key to killing that intimidation. Secondly, the key to approachability is being able to approach. Go and approach the guy you want to talk to – saying something as risk-free as, ‘Isn’t it so great everyone’s so happy now?’

A nice way to close out the conversation would be to invite him Christmas shopping. “I would love for us to go shopping together, let’s hold each other accountable.”


To get all 7 Steps, head on over to for the full guide.

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4 Replies to “How Can I Get Kissed Under The Mistletoe?”

  • thank you hero for all your videos .
    how are you doing hero , because i think you need to get some rest and to take care of yourself ( I’m not giving any advice but I’m sharing what do I feel ).
    I’m reading your guide , and let me tell you this in you Menglish . you are BRAINAL .
    to be honest I don’t have time these weeks , cuz I have exams .as you know I have to have time for the person who I’ll relate with .

  • The woman with glasses next to you makes me nervious. I honestly can´t undestand what is she doing in the program.

    P.S: Merry x-mass Jameson!!!

  • Shame Matt… Elle seriously has the worst columnist in the entire world. They don’t do themselves any favours by having her there. Don’t worry… you always, bar never, come across a million times better and no one associates the two of you at the same level whatsoever. I know it’s not that great for you (less fun) when she’s there but in a way, it elevates you that little more. Still love watching you and I’ve learned SO MUCH from you! I take your advice and it’s going REALLY WELL over here. Thank you!

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