This Mindset Shift Guarantees A Great Date

It’s your first date with a new guy.

You keep hoping you don’t spill your drink, trip in your heels, or accidentally blurt out something that makes you seem needy or weird.

But do you REALLY have to be 100% perfect? Can’t you just be a human being??

In this video, I’ll reveal the #1 powerful mindset that will let you attract a guy by being your authentic self, so that you can finally relax and actually ENJOY being on a date again…

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17 Replies to “This Mindset Shift Guarantees A Great Date”

  • Dear Matt,
    EVERY video I watch here and EVERY advice I get from you is like a snowflake ❄️. I’ll keep just this icon in my notes.
    Thank you dearly

  • I am officially in love with you after this video! Be like water my friend ;) (Bruce Lee)
    Have a great day!

  • Thank you!!!!! I’m going to apply this message to the rest of my life…every move I make in life is a snowflake! I love it! Thank you! Much love and happiness to you!!!! You always seem to know how to say the right things!

  • You are awesome! That is such great advice! Let your date be a “snowflake”….;) <3 Hugs! Keep the videos coming! Love it! Thanks Matthew! Hugs!

  • This is so true! I was married many years ago for a long time – my ex is a wonderful guy – looking back, part of why we fell so hard for each other was because we both thought the other was attractive, but probably “not my type,” and we both thought we’d have fun anyway. We went out, no pressure or high expectations and had such a genuine conversation – I opened up about things I probably never would have with someone else and I was shocked at the connection level. As I look back at some of my great relationships, or situations where I felt good about myself in a GENUINE way and not feeling any type of power struggle with a man, I can trace it all back to specific principles that Matt teaches us. XO, Matt. Great epiphany from the ring.

  • Wow! thank you Matt, I loved you so much during this video.
    I’ve been watching Get They Guy video more than 50 times since last year’s purchase. But finally seems now started to get my head around. Just too long to be sank and lying on the rock bottom, only way left is floating up.
    Thank you for your positive energy and the objective sight for a health relationship every week, they make me feel I want to try to pursue my dream again, which is having a loving healthy warm my own family and happy life.
    Thank you so much,
    Kumi / London

  • Comme on… Mathew Hussey, you cant be so handsome and so clever… Really, give us a break… Big kiss from México City, one your fan club here, thanks for sharing your wisdom love

  • Absolutely.

    Because I am a snowflake.
    The best f***ing snowflake you ever saw, ya Brit. ✨✨

    Carry on, my good man.
    Carry on.

    ~ tigress ~ a.k.a… the master

    … Who is now engaged by the way! ✨

    Thanks so much for your answer to my unique question when I waved you over in NY last year! The right guy was willing to let me get to know him before rushing to propose!

  • You just know everything. You are an expert. The guy I’m seeing is ghosting or totally disappeared but yet it is very informative.Wish are neighbors lol! Bravo!! Round of applause!!! Standing ovation!

    Kind regards

  • Matthew and Stephen….how can I thank you? I have been following you for the past year and heeded much of your insight and brought some eye-opening clarity to my dating life. I think it was all leading up to last night… the best first date of my life! Definitely a snowflake!

    I have been single for 7 years following a 13 year marriage. My drivers license states I am almost 55 years old but I feel like 40! One year ago I decided to persue my love of dance and started taking social ballroom dance lessons. My self esteem has skyrocked with every passing month. I have become a sexy, flirty, fun, and sensual woman on the dance floor that has carried over into my everyday life. I have never had so much fun!

    I believe in the adage “You will find the love of your life while doing something you love.” I first noticed this man at a few social dances last spring, speaking with him for the first time in July. He does not fit into the “mold” of the man I would typically date. In August he reappeared and we actually danced together. Talk about chemistry on the dance floor…. We were having such fun! This man made me feel beautiful on the dance floor! We continued to dance every weekend with a group of friends, but taking time to test the waters off the dance floor with phone calls and texts.

    Yesterday I suggested we grab dinner together before joining the others…. Seems like this was all he needed to hear… He was waiting for me to give him a signal as to my level of interest in persuing a relationship.

    Call it serendipity, kismet, perfect timing …. I invited a man into my life because I wanted him here… Not because I needed anything from him. What an incredible change in the dynamics of my life. I am ready to embark on a relationship that will be unlike any I have ever experienced.

    Thank you for helping push my comfort level to this point of self realization…. I feel so wonderful when we are together… Can’t wait to see where this dance goes!

    Kindest regards,

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