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3 Simple Ways to Make Tonight Count!

In the video below I talk about one of the things I love most about my new show: that you can go out the very same night and practice what you learnt on the show.

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Well tonight is Friday night. And I want to ask you a simple question:

Are you going to spend tonight analysing, or taking action?

So many times in my events women will spend their time analysing a current situation, instead of figuring out how to go and take action that might bring them a new situation. Or at least figuring out what action they can take in their current one. Analysing is often just another form of waiting, and you know what I say constantly:

At any given moment you are either WAITING or CREATING.

Will you stay in or make something happen? (Photo: AehoHikaruki)

I want to make sure that this Friday night you are out there creating. So here are three ways you can make this Friday night count.

1. Go somewhere you wouldn’t normally go.

Choose a place to go this evening that isn’t on your normal list of top places to go. Women are always asking me where to meet good men. Well you might just find somewhere with a better quality of man than your average place. At the very least you’ll meet men you don’t bump into usually because you won’t be at your regular. And if it sucks, well it’s one more place you’ve been to that you know not to go to again.

2. Choose one thing you want to get better at tonight.

You may decide your eye contact isn’t great, that your glance needs to be a little sexier, or more prolonged. Great! Focus on that. You may decide you’re really bad at being approachable. No problem. Just spend the night getting closer to the people you’re attracted to, maybe even just saying the word ‘hi!’ when you’re standing next to someone so that they have a cue to start. Just focus on doing one thing better tonight rather than adding 10 new tools to your belt.

3. Introduce rest times.

Treat it like you would treat a productive day at work. You can’t work for 8 hours straight and remain productive the entire time. Nor is it easy to stay out all night and remain sociable and proactive the entire time. Work in 10-15 minutes bursts. Make it a game i.e. “For the next 10 minutes I’m going to talk to people, then I’m going to chat with my friends, dance, relax… whatever”. This is also a good technique for ensuring you don’t look desperate. When you know you’re not going to be chatting to some new guy for the next hour, you look more confident and in control because you know you’re not sticking around.

Question of the day!

What are your plans tonight? And how are you going to try to use them to move forward in your love life? Let me know in the comments below.

Enjoy your night lovelies!

Matthew xxx


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49 Replies to “3 Simple Ways to Make Tonight Count!”

  • Hey!

    The video can’t be viewed from Sweden (“the uploader hasn’t made this video available in your country”), any way to upload it so that we can see it from here too?

    Kind regards,

  • Dear Matthew,
    I was going to stay in tonight because of the cold weather but now I think I’ll head out – I actually have a networking event to attend (alas it is only for females)!! – but I could meet someone on the tube! you never know!

    Your tv show looks amazing – will we be able to watch it in the UK?
    many thanks,

  • Hi Matthew i have one question for you can you answer my email
    That iv’e have send Bie???

    I you have Time affcours,

    Thanks for everything and lovely Greetz From the netherlands ;)

  • Hi Matthew! You’re indeed my hero. Your mail came in right on time. I was in between discussion with a girlfriend about what to do tonight, and it was leaning towards dvd and wine at home, but that’s changed now! I’m bringing out a little black dress, my dancing shoes, and going out with my A-Game and will knock the guys dead with my killer gaze (not in a creepy way though lol) Thanks for the tip, have a lovely friday evening :)
    P.s- Couldn’t view the video :( I’m a fan from Lagos Nigeria.

  • Well, after reading your advice about friday,night..i m getting much more excited to go out. I m a kinda of a perdon that loves comfortable zones and i m ready to leave this pattern behind. It never took me anywhere in life..so i m ready to move foward..i ll let u know tomorrow how my friday went…

  • Love you Matthew!
    Can’t wait to see the show! I’m sure it’s amazing..
    After all you’re in there!
    Wish u all the best! Xxx

  • Ur funny Matt, it’s all well and good the flirting and eye contact & working on conversation, it’s tricky to know if the guy u like/want is married, has a girlfriend,. i’m at the age where most men are married or their girlfriend’s just had a baby! What are those signs, how would i know all my efforts will be wasted on someone already taken!

    Love J x

  • We’re excited to watch it on Girl’s Night and cheer you on! We’ve already seen progress in working together on your tips and in encouraging each other to be brave – ready for more!

  • It’s Friday night yipee and since I don’t get out as much being a single mom I get comments alot on my eyes , smile and legs so I will rock that but being very shy of a person I will start talking more adding with my smile like a quick hi or something , hopefully it will create something for me make me more confident in myself, so thanks Matt small steps , I will rock my assets then create a little more !!!

  • Hey Matt,

    Great piece, thanks for that. Unfortunately I’m booked for tonight. Ringing a friend (New Ritual #1 – more in touch with my friends) and then going to my neighbour for some catching up and talking about last week haha! ;)

    PS: LOVE the cover of the American book, looks hot! – even though the inside is what counts and I love that even more!

    Keeping being such an inspiration!


  • Hi Matthew, have been reading and watching your videos.Also registered to see you in NYC in april. I found you at a right time in my life.

    Thank you,

  • Hey Matt,

    Your email came at a perfect time! My mother and I are traveling in Chicago and decided to splurge on dinner tonight at the Michelin Star rated Sixteen restaurant in the Trump tower. We don’t usually go to places like this, so we hope to put your advice to good use and meet some new friends while we’re in town.

  • Matthew, you’ll be so proud. Some friends and I are hosting a chill happy hour tonight! This is something brand new (to me) that I’ve starting creating thanks to your inspiration. I’m forwarding this blog post to a few of my friends who are coming for inspiration. Have a great weekend!

  • Hey Matthew,
    i´m from germany and i would love to see this video!!But for some mysterious reason it is imppossible to see this in my country. it would be great if you can change this.
    greetz :)

  • Hi Matt,

    I’ve just got over my jet lag, which is good because I’ve just been invited to a house warming party – I’m going to talk every guy there!

    Lee (aka the leader)


  • Tonight i will practice the “let go of the outcome rule”. So I am in creating mode and will go to a new place.

    Just don’t know what to do with the overflow of attention… So I’m taking my girlfriends with me ;)


  • Evening Matthew,

    You must be right about small shifts making all the difference, as you have always had a lovely warm smile but you seem more radiant than usual. We can see how important it is to look engaging. Not sure it’s important to have lines, how do you deliver them whilst sounding sincere. Maybe that’s not the point : ) think I have a lot to learn Lol

    Kathryn x

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