If You’re Worried You Invest in a Relationship Too Quickly, Watch This…

You find yourself constantly wanting to text him. You sit at home wondering what he’s up to. You’re tempted to rush things forward.

Wait. Stop. Relax.

If you find your heart always investing in a guy when your head tells you to calm down, here’s the secret to taking back your power…

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18 Replies to “If You’re Worried You Invest in a Relationship Too Quickly, Watch This…”

  • I Love this video. As I was watching/listening, I thought of being a child and how I reacted to trying to get ‘Love’ from my parents. When you explained how to be the master of my emotions, I thought, “How would I feel if my parents really ‘knew how to Love me’? I sat back, closed my eyes and saw them kissing me, hugging me, doing things for me (because as a child I needed them to take care of me). But they didn’t do that. So I was the one doing all that to/for them to ‘get’ Love. I feel so much more in control of my emotions. When/if I react like that with a man (I haven’t dated in a while, I think because I thought I would be ‘out of control’) I’ll remember me as a desperate child and be so turned off by that way of being and then know how to be Loved FOR REAL!!!!! Thank you Matthew.

  • Hello. What can i do when I found the love of my life is from another culture and in many ways we dont see things in the same way? For exempel what he think its romantic and go to a romantic place and I dont think its nothing but a nice place cause for me its not any romantic with his mother is with us. He dont feel alone time is inportan cause he is use to be with his famely all his life but im use to be alone? I know its a deep love between us but to live with his famely dont work for me cause we dont have any kind of privatcy. Im really lost so I hope you have some idea and tips for me and how i go forward with him.. I know we are meant to be together but this is to hard for me. I move from my contry that is Norway to his contry that is Algeria so the life is sooooooooo diffrent than what im use to for sure. Algeria is not come to 2018 yet and has still looooong time till its there. Please help me in what im going to do. Im really lost

  • A great resume… and so true…
    Do you already know icon the city at the moment? Yes, Lisbon is also calling for your talent;D Otherwise, this could be an extra incentive to at last cross the ocean and discover the land of dreams and free spirits ;D

    Congratulations and thank you for keeping such a great and differentiated work :

  • Hi Matt,

    I found your theme song!
    “Have it All” by Jason Mraz

    I knew it was a great fit because you want what is best for all those who learn from your videos/books/etc. Your heart is on your sleeve- what a great way to be! <3

    Thanks for caring about us ladies and teaching that becoming the amazing women we are meant to be will lead to happiness- guy or no guy. =D

    Thank you for all your advice and coaching! I found you on YouTube after I had a 4 month relationship that left me confused. I re-entered the dating scene after 3+ years of being single and not looking for Mr. Right, and thought I was ready. Guess I wasn’t! Lol. Yes, I was CONFIDENT, but as you teach…I was not COMPETENT. Your videos and Get the Guy members area have guided me so much. Other relationship coaches have not “spoken to me” as much as you do. I am in my mid-40s, divorced with children, work full-time, and run a non-profit working with injured wildlife. Although I have a full life, I feel ready to find a partner… After learning more from you, I’m ready to find a high value guy while taking care of myself. =D

  • Hi Mathew, I love,Love, loved this video on investing to quickly… Direction and control of our emotions. I was trying to explain this to a guy I have gone out with a few times. We have a natural chemistry and he was moving way to fast for me. I was trying to explain why I want to slow down. I feel like intimacy should be something thatjus not thrown around lightly. I mean you can feel all the physical feeling and realize 3 days later wow this guy is not for me but now. I have invested to early. I just feel like for me when rush I loose that sense of control and security. Explaining this to men has been hard for me. Also this time we met and he went on a trip and we went out again and I went on a trip. But I still see how I am a texting when I was away.. I need to chill. I feel like to a certain point I do awesome with control but emotionally I am a giver… it I’ve been watching my investment and balance a ton more since you and your videos … I learn so much !!! Xoxo Matt you are the best !

  • The Big Hussey,
    This can be a long video for some people but it is very valuable. I mean the spech. Although I like your creative short movie style videos, talking directly like a therapist can be better than these kind of dramatizations.
    As a direct person, I prefer acting naturally. Sometimes it doesn’t work, even many times. Many men and women like playing games nowadays. Of course listening both hearth and brain is something good, more logical… but on the paper, it is easy to write something like that. The other important thing is, acting and behaving as you defined in real life when we are on the stage, lively.
    P.s.1: As you talked, progress is important like going the gym. But life can create surprises like my herniated disc… Long story to talk about it here!
    P.s. 2: Title is a tribute to the Big Lebowski…

  • Hi Matt,
    I’ve ordered a couple of your programs and been both impressed and disappointed in the content, to be perfectly honest. However, in this video I am actually astounded that a person as young as you are has such clarity about the emotional/logical sides of what drives us during the early phases of a relationship. There’s absolutely no BS here, and I thank you for that. You hit the nail right on the head with every segment of this video. You’re wise beyond your years and I thank you for taking this on as your life’s quest to improve the understanding of dating relationships across the globe. I’m single and loving every minute of my dating experience at the moment and you’ve definitely helped me nail down why. It’s not Emotion VS Logic, it is Emotion with Logic as Wingman. Kudos on 1 freakin’ fantastic video! My other favourite it the “Limbo” video. Great work Matt, your Mum is proud, I’m very sure of that.
    Cheers from Vancouver, Canada

  • Hello Matt am very grateful to watch your videos am a big fan of you.
    You really help me a lot appreciated

  • Honestly, I am impressed like seriously…. I am just speechless. You got the answers to my burning questions that I have been searching, thinking, n asking a lot people . Thanks a lot for this wonderful video.

  • Hello Matthew,
    I am very driven by emotions, which has been both good and bad. I’m going to begin today to make my emotions work for me!
    Thank you for the longer video and as always the inspiration!!

    Xoxo Terri

  • Yes ! Wow your videos have evolved into being more information dense, however soluble- power packed nuggets packed with more stunning help. This is is for me! I am too emotional. I want to go on one of your retreats so bad!
    However when all your talent and money comes from “being emotional” it’s way harder for me to control – actually I’d say I was born this way.
    At age 48, having been dragged by my hair through a hedge backwards by a much younger man for 2 years, changing my life for him etc Only to have been left a dozen times, for him to return more intense and loving than the time before, throw in a list of Fairytale type lies he created, and that I paid his rent for almost as long as we were together…. I know this sounds insane, any confident woman would have walked away, actually ran, I lived for his love and excitement, his compliments and the dream that we would be together forever as he told me very early in”I’ll never leave you”….. trust me to feel literally suicidal at his absence but otherwise quite sane, I need your retreat !
    I believe I was and am totally emotionally addicted to a man who is obviously unable to commit.

    Although I recognize this I have no idea how to change.
    Vanessa Riley

  • You are so right. Suffocating your partner, giving up own things, is not the right way to go. The part in missing each other and also bring new things back, is important. Show that you are still willing to develop yourself. Then your partner can do the same.

  • Good evening, I’m fhenz who’s fell in love to the guy whom I just met personally for the first time , we met online in invite travel and been talking and friends for 11 months and then last July 15 2018 we met we had a great time together we just spent our time together for 1 night it was memorable, I can say he liked me , but it just my opinion, the way he treated me that night makes my heart jumped into happiness, he kissed me hugged me and even hold my hands in many ways , and now his back to his country in Texas , and I’m here in Philippines , I cannot get rid him in my mind I guess I’m falling inlove with him and I even texted him what I truly feel towards him , takes long for him to reply or maybe he just busy with his business or with family , when I told him my feelings he said he really appreciate and it means a lot to him for saying those stuff to him , but what he worried about that we live in different place , ( long distance ) and he don’t know what to do bcz he doesn’t know when he can visit me again . we are not in relationship yet ” but I’m inlove with him , I told him that distance means nothing to me bcz he means everything and I can wait him . I’m open to him about my feelings , and what I worried I’m not sure if he feel the same , as I know we had great night together full of happiness and sweetness , I’m worried to makes him step back in me , I’m very patient to him until he reply to me back ,
    I want him in my life I guess his my dream guy , but I don’t know what to do can you help me please . Thank you

  • Love it!! Exactly what i must to lern and feels i’m not a problem is just a tool what I did not i have to fix that problem !!!
    O really want to meet u and have a Coaching one by one!
    I live in Brazil… haw I do??
    Thank u

  • I’m picturing logic as Spock and emotion as Captain Kirk. Captain Kirk always rushed in, disobeyed rules, usually hit a few red shirts killed in the process. Spock was logical. He took a step back from the situation. That’s what made the Enterprise so successful, is this balance. There are times in life where our emotions will lead, but we still have to apply logic (the practical sense of the situation) in order to make it a success. I tend to be a bit more Captain Kirk, maybe a bit of cynical Dr. Bones thrown in and a heap of Scottie who always seems to figure things out even if “she can’t take any more Captain!” So, I should apply a bit more Spock in the final frontier of dating, explore strange new people, seek out life and live, and boldly go where I haven’t before. Love, live long and prosper. (Yes, I’m a total dork )

  • Awesome! Just getting into dating after 20 years, crashed and burned with a nice? lady. I sent her this. I’ll be back T.Y.,Ed

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