I Want You to Join Me on My Journey…

I’m on my tour right now (this week’s video is actually shot at the Chicago airport!) and I have an awesome surprise for you…

I want to bring you on my journey.

No, you don’t need your passport and you don’t even need to take any vacation days.

I explain everything here…

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47 Replies to “I Want You to Join Me on My Journey…”

  • Will every tour stop be taped? I would like to come on the tour as planned but my friends hate being video taped.

  • How fun! What a cool idea! This is so innovative Matt! I’ve only seen rock stars release behind the scenes footage- but then again you are totally a rock star in you’re own right and you definitely seem to have the schedule of a rock star! I can’t wait to learn some awesome tips from your behind the scenes journey and see what the process is like for you. It’s really intimidating go after things you want when you just see someone’s final product and assume it just happened that way because it’s so perfected. In reality you know that’s not true but your mind plays tricks with you. I’m sure this will be inspirational! Awesome idea :)

  • Matt, go for gold!!, will soak up and take on board everything you’re throwing out there. So admire your brave enthusiasm, zest for life and giving it all your best. Love your perceptiveness and brains, thank you for doing this Matt, feels like you’re a part of my life almost. You and your team inspire me so much!!!
    X Eva

  • Dear Matthew
    I need help
    3 days before I met a guy in the bar. I was talking wit my friend and he came and ask me where I from and so and ao questions. All night he came to me 3 times , but because it’s so crowd in the bar so we couldn’t talk well.
    At end after party I was talking with my friends and he came to me ask how are u, and turn ed walked to other way and left. I don’t know
    so, his friend left a card with me earlier. And I don’t know should I contact his friend so I can wi ll able to know him? I think i like him, seems he is nice guy.
    I really want know him

    Please help me what should I do?
    Thanks alot

  • Awesome Matthew! Looking forward to it! Love the title : “Love the Journey”. That sums it all up – beautifully! :)


    that “human element” kind of look is really sexy” ;) and i think i will fall for that low-toned voice kind of thing, it’s all your fault…was these all planned?! hahahaha

  • Oh wow!!
    This is an amazing idea!!!
    In a way I’ve been on a journey with you already- started watching your YouTube videos when you weren’t that famous.. So it’s already amazing to see how far you have come! And it’s so inspirational to have seen all this and I’ve seen you live and now to see how big audience you realy have to fill in O2!!!
    I can’t wait for the love the journey videos and thank you for being you Matthew!
    Your fan- Kerly …
    Have a lovely day!
    Im just gonna go and enjoy my great life with the love of my life..(a lot thanks to you!)

  • Hi Matteww,
    I’m totally forgot excited about this new video blog your starting. Ironically, I’m up early in NYC on a sunday have had two rough weeks and viewing this has given me a little bit of new found hope.
    Keep up the good work and being an inspiration!
    :) CC
    PS tell your mom Paulina hello!

  • I love this concept. Not only the creativity, but the generous sharing of the man. I felt the genuine gift and saw Matt get teary eyed at the end. I feel honored that I am included in Matt’s life. Also, to see him go from that young boy on YouTube, to a strong, competent man. It’s a beautiful sight. His mum (and I’m American) must be so proud. Gale

  • You were amazing in London! Couldn’t believe you had so much energy for that many hours and never lost it!

    I would really like to know what camera Jameson uses? His compression is amazing also, getting it small enough for YouTube playback though without much degrading the video quality and resolution! Overall Jameson is a really good film maker and editor! I’m jealous you have him and am excited to see more of your guys videos and shows!

  • Hello Matt, cant wait to see your love journey and could it be possible to come to Montreal please.Have a wonderful day .

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