How To Get The Shy Guy

In this week’s episode of LOVELife, I take a question from Tasha on what to do when the guy she likes is shy, and how to go from small talk to a date.

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6 Replies to “How To Get The Shy Guy”

  • Hi Matt! Thanks for this video and for demonstrating high value behavior in your calls. All your readers are now crushing on you, congratulations (; Could you talk about talking to guys on the phone? The guy I’m talking to texted aloooottt, we live about an hour away, and I didn’t want to waste time and energy texting someone for entertainment or sexual validation so I used your tips on texting to get him to call me. He did! I have to say I wasn’t expecting it so I wasn’t prepared to bring my a game. :(We ended our conversation because my phone died and I haven’t texted him since then (although he has viewed my snapchat stories w/o texting me). Can I text him now? What do I say when we talk again? How do I know if he’s worth getting together with in real life? That’s alot of questions but you’ve got the answer! Enjoyed GTG, book! LIFE Changing!!!! xoxo, F

  • Matt how so you get up higher on the foodchain (beome popular) when you’re shy…. is it just the music thing… Could you touch upon this… how to get in with people (position yourself in the “foodchain”) in a shorter space of time, or effort or whatever… social skills, knowledge… what gets you 80% of the results? What’s a slice we can cut it into? I found it intereting that a shy guy could position him self up so high.

      1. Vavavoom,
        The “Get the Guy” book is AMAZING for this!! It took me way too long to buy the book because I didn’t think I could afford $10 for “another love book”. I was (past tense!) EXTREMELY shy! Even though GTG is for “getting the guy” reading and taking even baby steps or “millimeter shifts” towards what Matt & Steven write in the book will boost your status on the food chain EXPONENTIALLY (that means alot ;) I liked the book so much I keep a binder of notes from the book and the blog (I’m a nerd, don’t judge me), it works as a great manual when you start to revert to being shy. Hope that helps!

  • That disqualifier question is good and right on time for me.
    I told a guy at work we should meet for lunch (thank you Matt for teaching me how to do that) and he said he’d love to but next week because he has a big deadline this week. When he is ready to meet I could use the disqualifier on him. Though I’m not clear on why it is good.
    I would also love to get ideas how to figure out if the guy is available or not. We’re both in out 40’s and have been having friendly chit-chat at work.
    I thought I could ask him if he has kids and take it from there. Any other ideas?

  • what the high school this guy and we met each other on social media and we talked and we kind of really hit it off and I know he told me some things to be honest with you about some stuff okay and that was fine but now we know each other’s phone my phone calls and texting each other and I took it upon myself to just invite myself over to his house one day and kind of shame to where you live that stuff but I really didn’t care because I was more into him then about this stuff and when I’m going out to lunch it was really good and then I took her back home when I went home cuz I could buy but now we’re supposed to have a date on Friday and I forgot that I had a baby then he’s kinda like that stop talking to me doesn’t text me he would give me a goodnight text and I will text when I got up and now nothing so I’m not sure what to do here connection and I don’t have but this just feels so right and I don’t know what to do I don’t want to push him away so that I am leaving him alone so any suggestions would be so helpful and I do have your book and I am reading your book right now and I get on youtube and I watch your things on YouTube and on I Heart Radio I listen to your podcast and everything so help

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