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Top 6 Traits to Look For in a High-Value Man

Women often ask me, “Matt, you give all this great advice for women to be high-value, but how do I tell if HE’S an incredible man worthy of a relationship with ME?”

Ok, I’ll bite.

80% of a happy relationship is choosing the right person in the first place, so this issue couldn’t be more important for women who want to find lasting love.

In this week’s video, I join forces with my brother Stephen Hussey (co-author of Get The Guy) to talk about the 6 SURE SIGNS you’re dating a high value guy, so that you can spot when he’s truly someone worth investing in.

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240 Replies to “Top 6 Traits to Look For in a High-Value Man”

  • Wow Matthew all traits that u n yur brother Steve has mentioned r amazing I love everything u said but making a girl feel secure n showing love. , affection n care wz the best

  • A high value man will show you that he supports your dreams and admires your special talents — and is not threatened by them.

  • Let’s me know he always listens, by connecting with the subject at a later time. E.g. remembers that I’m interested in, a particular thing so it’s something we can talk about at another time.

  • I love whatever u say Matthew , I hv been talking to sm guys fem international date .com but all seems to be soo dull n boring . I m soo disappointed now I feel like a looser . I love all the traits that u n yur brother has mentioned u guys r greatest n sweetest .

  • Great advice!
    I would add to that a man who doesn’t try to make his lady jealous about his ex’s! Like you say Matt we like to be made to feel secure in the relationship.

  • Wants to understand you but not always trying to moderate his behaviour to please you. In other words not being over-compliant.

    Takes responsibility but doesn’t always say “sorry” for things that don’t quite go right. Suppose that goes with the above

  • A man who treats wait staff/service industry workers with RESPECT!
    the amount of times i have served a man and his date only to be met with a hot temper over a small mistake or rudeness/disrespect. If he treats others that try to serve him and please him that way, how will he treat you when you’re met with adversity? You never know what someone is going through that day so always be kind and compassionate to everyone you meet and they will do the same for you :)

    ps matt are you active on instagram? I follow you everywhere else!
    Thanks stephen for bringing up such a wonderful topic. Im Going on a first date tonight with a guy I served the other night…he didn’t treat me like another server/hostess….he treated me like i was a human being/friend xx

  • I think a high value man is one who CALLS when he is not sure if he can make it to see you…or just to let you know that you are important to him- even in front of the guys. Consideration is very important

  • He is happy to be generous, not only with his money but with his time, with his help and with what would make the woman happy. For example, having to visit woman’s parents, at dinner with friends, having to run errands, no crankiness, no comments. Ultimately having a big heart unconditionally and a good mood.

  • Actually it seems perfect to apply to women. High value women, of course. To learn. To never lose ground and yourself. To be attentive without stalking.
    But good work nevertheless.
    I would add one boring thing: have courage, never escape from life into substances.
    OK, I would add another boring thing: think twice before you react. Or open your mouth.

  • Great points made Hussey brothers.
    Here’s one:
    When a man is actively participating in the care of his own health: regular check ups, eating clean and healthy, regular exercise, etc. so as to extend his life to want to spend more of his days with his woman/family. Even more awesome is when he exercises with his woman (outside of the bedroom). That’s a beautiful thing to witness!

  • I was married for 38 amazing, beautiful years…
    Unfortunately… my gorgeous husband…
    My one & only boyfriend… passed away… in 2012…
    He was a most amazing Friend… Lover & Partner… we were always there to catch each other’s back…
    I will forever miss him…
    I would have swum across the oceans & back… & given up my life for him… & will love & miss him always & forever…

    1. As I would love another relationship in my future… most of my experience has been men who are very self centered… a one way street…no fun here… yikes…

      1. Jeannie since you’ve experienced a beautiful relationship already your late husband has really set the bar high for you. It’s going to take time to build another amazing relationship and if you can explain to the men you date who are not meeting your standard in a gentle way before you leave them for good what you want then that will give them enough to think on and grow. Perhaps the next woman they date they will do better.

  • He makes his woman feel good eventhough he wants to advise on something but he will choose his words wisely so that she wont be demotivated or feeling small.

  • He supports your career and is so happy seeing you succeed but is also there when things don’t go how you expected them to

  • This goes about being a high value man in general, not only for your girlfriend though as a friend to people and in all of his friendships.

    Especially as I think it is important to be consistent in treating all the people you have a relationship with with the same respect and integrity, not simply the 1 girl you want the most from (at the time). How a guy treats any of his friends or ex’s or other girls, shows how he is capable of treating other ones later on once his feelings change for them.

    So definitely seeing how he treats his other friends, acquaintances, colleagues etc. and if he is consistent in his respect.

    When a man matches his actions in his life and how he treats friends with his words of philosophy and how he presents himself and would like to be seen as. Not much lowers someone’s value then being a hypocrite who only likes to make people think he believes certain values and doesn’t even admit or acknowledge when he completely goes against them in his actions to certain friends. Then continues to talk up those values and beliefs to all the people that don’t know the messed up things he did.

    Another sign of a high value man is a man who much like Stephen mentioned is not a coward about confrontation and won’t run away or hide from the difficult conversations, even if that is having to reject someone upfront and with integrity, not simply run, hide and block. Or never tell a friend if there is something they did that he is upset with and avoids instead. A man who simply avoids instead of confronts is weak and selfish and low value. That includes hiding things about his life from you and avoiding telling you them cause he’s afraid of how that’d effect you or change your relationship with him. Hiding is not far from lying. I suppose it’s obvious I resent a guy for not being a real friend.

  • If a man has a very demanding life, or job. And he still takes time to communicate with you daily. That he loves you, and cares for you. Cathy Lavender

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