He’s Stopped Texting But Still Likes My Posts…WTF?!

What does it mean when someone you dated—a guy you still like even though things fizzled out—is still engaging with your social media?

In this week’s brand-new video, I dive into the psychology behind his actions to reveal exactly what it means when someone likes your social posts (but doesn’t reach out in any other way) . . .

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What does it mean when someone you’ve been on a date with, had a lot of text exchanges with, but someone who ultimately fizzled out keeps interacting with your social media? Maybe you notice that on each story you post, they’re watching that story. Maybe they’re responding with emojis. Maybe they’re liking the pictures you post and it’s confusing. Why am I even on their radar if they’ve decided that they’re not interested? Does that mean that maybe they are interested? Does it mean that there’s more to this story than I realized? Maybe there’s a reason it fizzled that I don’t know about, but they’re still trying to engage me because they like me. Maybe there’s still potential for it to go somewhere. Maybe I should reach out to them, given that they keep engaging with the things I’m posting. What does it mean?

We, especially when we like someone, have this innate urge to create story out of what they do. Someone gives us a morsel of engagement or attention, and we want to construct a narrative out of that that might fit with the idea that they do in fact like us, that they do want our attention and that there may still be some potential in this situation. And because we’ve created that story, we now begin, consciously or unconsciously, to invest in that story. So now you find yourself posting something, which is kind of for them. You’re posting a picture of yourself looking sexy so that they’ll comment on it or they’ll engage with that story. It might elicit a message that could lead somewhere, but all it does instead is keep resulting in the same kind of attention.

You post a story and they respond with a flame emoji. Your love life has been reduced to a flame emoji. What do you do in a situation like this? Well, firstly, we have to start becoming self-aware about how A, we’re creating story. In other words, there’s no reason to believe that this means anything. This is the lowest form of attention someone could possibly give you.

Think of the way we scroll through Instagram, and you just like something. Yeah, okay scroll, like, scroll, like. When we take such minor behavior as evidence for a much bigger story, we have to suspect ourselves because we may tell ourselves, “Well, he does like me. It’s clear that he’s just been really busy or that it fizzled out for some legitimate reason, but he’s trying to get my attention again, or there’s some reason that he’s found it difficult to reach out to me more directly, but he clearly still likes me because he’s doing this.” We have no more evidence for that narrative than we do that every Sunday, this man dresses up as the Easter Bunny and goes around the neighborhood delivering eggs to his best friends. We have to suspect the narrative we want to be true.

Now, why would someone do it if they’re not interested? Why even bother with that? Well, someone can be attracted to you but not in any way be moved to do anything more about it. Maybe they’re seeing lots of people. Maybe they’re just kind of lazy and aren’t actually interested in investing in anything right now. Maybe it’s just super easy for them to like an attractive photo of you and just enjoy you from a distance versus actually taking you on a date and having to make anything of it, which is effort.

We almost don’t need to worry about why someone is doing that. What we need to do is see it for what it is, a level of engagement that shouldn’t even be interesting to us because our time and our energy is worth so much more than rewarding that level of investment with our analysis and our attention. And you may say, “Oh, it doesn’t take that much time for me to check if they’ve liked my post or to send a quick like back on something they’ve posted.” But if you actually think about the times when you’re out with your friends and you could be taking a risk or speaking to somebody, having a fun conversation with a stranger, and instead you’re looking down at your phone to check if they’ve engaged with the latest thing you’ve posted, that does take up time. It does take up bandwidth. It does occupy our focus.

Now the problem with indulging this kind of attention is that for you, it becomes a form of microdosing. Microdosing in the relationship or romantic context is when someone who isn’t meeting our needs, we continue to indulge because we’re getting some kind of hit out of it. It’s not making us happy, but there is some comfort in knowing that person is still there, that something might happen, so we keep giving it our time and attention.

Now you may be wondering, “But what if me responding leads to him trying harder? What if when he watches my stories or sends me some quick emoji, me responding leads to a conversation?” When you respond to the absolute lowest form of investment, after you’ve had better investment from a person, all you’re doing is tacitly approving of that behavior. So when someone sees that they sent a fire emoji in response to your story and you then sent a smiley face emoji, what they’re learning is, “Oh, I can still just send you this kind of attention and know that you’re there. You may even be waiting around for this kind of attention from me.”

So, there’s no drive. There’s no desire to do anything more. Someone has to understand that when they send that, they get nothing from you. And if he suddenly sends something a bit more interesting, like an actual question, asking how you are, what you’re up to, saying he’d like to catch up, if he does that, you can respond to that. But when you respond to that, what you’re saying to him is all that stuff you were doing until now wasn’t enough for a response. What you’re doing right now is enough for a response. Now, you’ll still have to see where that goes and be careful not to do more than he is. Be careful to mirror the amount of investment you’re getting instead of jumping the gun and giving more, but at least you’re getting something worthy of a response. You have to decide that if someone wanted to reach out to me, they would.

Let’s be clear. We’re not talking about a guy who’s on the other side of the room in a bar who you’ve been giving eye contact to who hasn’t come over yet. There, the principle of “If he liked me he’d come over,” is nonsense because people are scared of rejection. So in that situation where you’ve never spoken before, there’s some truth to that. In a situation where somebody who’s already been on dates with you, who’s already got your number, has a means of communicating with you, when they don’t reach out, it’s because they don’t want to reach out. Not because you’re some big, scary monster that they’re intimidated by.

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19 Replies to “He’s Stopped Texting But Still Likes My Posts…WTF?!”

  • This is excellent advice – he knows how to contact you & if he WANTED to he WOULD!!! A guy once told me that guys cannot “turn off” being attracted to a woman that appeals to them, even if they no longer want to spend time with her!!! This explains the social media “like” situation! We just WANT to keep that spark/hope alive, but instead we encourage poor/low investment & allow them to be rewarded for wasting our precious time! Thank you so much for this relevant video!

  • Thank you for your pearls of wisdom. I no longer get excited when he “likes or hearts” a photo or video of my dance competitions. It means nothing more than anyone else who is a friend.
    Yes, I did notice the shirt open to the naval and thought “Is this the new Mathew Hussey? Please No!” Lol

  • Thanks!!! I needed to watch this video right now. I am experiencing this and was confused. This was perfect timing!
    We were together 8 months and I felt the last two months he was pulling away. We have been coworkers/friends for 5 years. I also found it difficult because of him being on the spectrum. There are no relationship coaches out there that ever touch on this unique situation. So I felt there was no one to go to.
    Thank you for your time.

  • he dosent even follow me on instagram, but still watches my stories? so he’s going out of his way, i was so over him till that suddenly caught my eye.

  • Yep ! made me laugh Mathew, we all do this and its an Easter Bunny situation. Love the buttons, it was intentional really.

  • Me and a friend had something going on from March 2021-October 2021 me , him and my ex husband and his ex wife were friends before we got together , we have kids so we kept it hiding , we started talking again November 2022 , flirted, send some pictures , I asked him two weeks ago if he sees us being more then friends , he said not sure , he does like me but because of our teenage kids and our history how they would take it , he said he likes me but he doesn’t want to stop me from meeting any other guys because he’s not sure when we will be together
    What is your best advice

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    I have been married for 15 years but as soon as we got married it seemed like we were now roommates, I couldn’t really imagine what had happened because the reason why we got married at first was to live together in love because we love each other. I endured for years hoping that he would change but did not, and also I couldn’t divorce him because, I love him, you could call me stupid for love but this is how it is when you love someone so deeply like you love your soul.
    I did all I could to make the marriage work but it never did.
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    If you need her assistance on Relationships or otherwise, contact her on (annashelly42@gmail.com)

  • We’re in our late 40’s and met on eHarmony nearly two years ago. Met twice and he couldn’t go more than a couple of months before reaching out. Suddenly he’s future talking and saying when and wherever I move (I’m going to school close to him but not in my home space) he’s going to also. He’s now investing time, and when I state I don’t want to send texts if he won’t respond because I see it as bothering him, he told me to never stop bothering him. He said he wants it all even if he responds on occasion.

    Possible some of the older men just see phone communication as not an everyday thing, since we grew up without them? He also thought he needed too much personal space to have a relationship until he knew that I also like a lot of space, which is why I do distance.

  • Thank you so much. I already shared this with someone (about a person who’s reacting to my posts), hoping that maybe it leads somewhere. Then, I found this page, I totally appreciate it. I’m kind of enlightened and somewhat heartbroken to think that “take it as it is”. I really do appreciate this stuff..

  • I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was
    great. I don’t know who you are but certainly you’re going
    to a famous blogger if you aren’t already ;) Cheers!

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