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Had a False Start to 2019? This Will Get You Back On Track…

If you’ve had a shaky start to the year, and you’re already feeling intimidated about getting off track, it’s not too late.

Stop the self-flagellation and get on the path to making this your proudest, most accomplished year ever. Watch this now…

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27 Replies to “Had a False Start to 2019? This Will Get You Back On Track…”

  • Great metaphore Matthew. Makes me realise that my achievements have been so much more than I thought they were because of all the peripheral stuff that had to get done to make them happen.
    I have realised that the first two weeks of the year are always like this for me – wanting to get straight into the year but then finding I don’t have the energy. Knowing this, and that Nature is working against me too because as an animal in winter I am best suited to hybernating now, I have decided to begin my New Year when the feeling I love grabs me to the task. It always comes when I have enough energy and the Spring is giving me the signals to start stretching and sniffing the air and feeling I want to be out and about again. Then I amunstoppable!
    Happy New Year to all at Matthew Hussey, you are unique, effective and much loved :)

  • Yeah.. i decided to re-do my home Retreat program. My changes are not 100% in the direction I want them to be (yet), I am still creating my new routines and learning to stick with them… but I am getting there and it feels better than doing no big changes. I have a longterm view, not shortterm one.. and this keeps me optimistic.

  • The Retreat was the best thing I ever gifted myself….No regrets at all…If you can do it…just DO IT! Not only will you meet other women who are like-minded & make new friends…You will have the pleasure of seeing Matthew deliver his information to you in person…and meet all his wonderful crew…I had a wonderful time & have great memories of it…and I still have all the info in the notes that I took down..I have them whenever I need to go back & refresh my memory…This video is an “emotional button” reminding me of how wonderful that time was…;) <3 Keep on …keeping on Matthew..& keep spreading the news through your Retreats….;) I have made some wonderful lifelong friends that I keep in touch with…even though it has been 2 years since I attended my Retreat…Friends from all over the world…<3

  • Yes!!! Such a great message. I love seeing the reality of behind the scenes and what it takes to get going on something. I wish we all shared more of our behind the scenes truths!

  • Right on ! Hit the nail on the head ! Feel bummed when things don’t go as planned. Had no thoughts or words to deal with it until u flashed the light on it

  • Bloody brilliant Matthew. I like your fun with attitude video very quirky but loving the metaphor messages too. I wish everyone was like you.

  • Hi Matt,
    before you started to speak I was indeed wondering if there should be some new pillows on the sofa. It was soooo funny then to listen to your thoughts and watching the video :) – thank you, you were speaking right from my heart. Especially this year I‘ve felt like I haven‘t done anything well and structured – just jumping from one task to the other. So these days one of tiny steps will be focused on being more grateful – not more.
    Thank you for this special inspiring video XXX
    Hope you had a great time at the gym.

  • Exactly what I needed to hear today! Loved it! There’s something amazing about letting go of the “should be” and accepting the opportunity right where we’re at. Thank you!

  • Great video!
    It reminded me of the message in the movie “About Time” which, if you haven’t seen it yet – go look for it. Download it. Steal ot. Just find a way. It’s got such an optimistic message on “life”. It’s really great.

  • Great video, Matt! I love how you are brave enough to show the imperfect processes of even putting a new video together. And the message was authentic and real! We put way too much pressure on ourselves; every single day new is an opportunity to have a new start, and often times that start is slow and isn’t smooth. We just have to begin where we are and not beat ourselves up for false starts. I definitely needed to hear all of this. Thank you for your refreshing and unique videos!

  • I normally just think you tell us a ton of BS that we want to hear and you want us to pay money so we can tell us that we have all these things in us to get a wonderful guy. Well, after years of listening to you, the wonderful guy is not here an he might never be, that’s OK, I have other things to do for me, without your help. However, this seems to be the first time ever I see you do a video that does not feel like you are telling what we want to hear.

  • Love the experiment.
    And so true about preparation to get to the goal.

    Looking forward to see the next video you will make.

  • Showing imaged control version is not working any longer and not helping people. Now, those among social media personalities who will start capturing honest , unpolished version on themselves and their lives and even trivial things like silly preparation the shoot will attract massive audience.

    So yes, a good start.

  • No, no, no to what you men did to that couch!! That Blue Pillow proud and Up the front completely alienated me as a distracting fashion down grade!
    Finally bringing myself away from this faux pas to look back at Mathew. A huge struggle due to my disbelief the pillow was still there towards the end !!!
    I agree with your verbal message for the start of 2019. I’m still placing my pillows and designing the set of my life. I admire how everyone else has it all together. Everyone but me xo

  • Thank you so much Matthew for this video,

    Weird indeed :).
    However it was exactly what I needed to hear ( and was not even aware of it). Have been feeling so lost lately.


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