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Get Any Guy To Approach You With This 1 Simple Trick

In this week’s video I want to show you how to get any guy to approach you.

He can be on the other side of the room…

You don’t have to say a word…

You don’t have to risk rejection…

And it’s so ridiculously simple, when I show you, you’re going to wonder why you haven’t been doing this all along.

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76 Replies to “Get Any Guy To Approach You With This 1 Simple Trick”

  • Hi Matthew,

    One time I was sipping my drink at a bar. One guy just came over and started talking. We didn’t have any eye contact or exchanged smiles. I saw him but wasn’t interested. He casually came over and started asking,
    “Mary? Jane? Lucy?”
    “What are you doing?” me with a half smile and half serious face.
    “Well, you say Guess on your sweater, so I am guessing your name.”
    “There is no way you can guess my name, but I give you credit for trying.”

    I was wearing a Guess sweater that said Guess on its chest. hahaha! I chatted with him a little bit but still was not interested in him. I wasn’t attracted to *ahem* his looks. But, I thought it was funny and smart of him to start a conversation like that. Just wanted to share this short story here. :) xxx

  • Hi Matthew,
    What if the guy doesn’t come over? How silly am I going to look for waving at him if he doesn’t answer the way I expect? This technique may be good, but it doesn’t sound so risk free to me.

    1. Some men may not come over when a woman waves him over because it is like she is telling him what to do. He waves for you to go over to him but you say no by waving for him to come over to you. What it says to a man when a woman does this is, she cannot follow his lead. I ask her to come to me and she rejects my idea. But now I should do what she says and go to her. I woman should never tell a man what to do otherwise you become his mother an no man wants to Screw his mother!

      Often a man will reflect on what a woman said or did after their meeting and put the pieces together. In his mind he may go over and think its cute but after the fact he realizes, she wants to be in charge and that its something he doesn’t want in a woman so he never used her phone number to call her. She wonders why he never called and never knows it was her masculine gestures that changed his mind about her.

      Yes, I agree that no woman should cross a room for a man but this technique is too obvious. Its need to be more subtle way of teaching a man that a woman does not cross a room for a man and it is masculine for her to do such a thing. A man who waves a woman over is being uncherishing of her. He wants her to do the work and cross the room when a gentleman would not allow a fine woman to have to work so hard to please him. It says he is self centered instead of being centered around her and her welfare. This is a great way to classify the type of man you are meeting, a boy or a man. A man will not wave and but approach the woman and ask if he can join her and have the pleasure of her company. A boy will call his mama over to kiss his boo boos.

      Instead of a man waving a woman over he should send her a drink alcohol or coffee, tea… from the waitress having the waitress inform the lady who the drink is from. When she recieves the drink she will look his way and raise her glass and smile or reject the drink from the wait person. Her reaction will tell him if its safe to approach her. Once she has her drink he can approach her table and
      say, ” It looked like you could use another refill, would you also like some more company? May I join you?”. then he introduces himself. If she says no, he can reply with “Well, it was nice to meet you. I am still happy that I could give something to such a lovely lady.” That response may turn her head again and think twice about what a gentleman he is. Either way the man leaves the situation with a reputation as being a gentleman that is respected by her. Sending the drink also says to a woman, I want to take care of you. I can take care of you. I like taking care of you. That one gesture says so much to a woman opposes to the little boy who is too chicken to man up and take a risk so he waves her over to him. I roll my eyes at that gesture and immediately discredit him as any sort of potential mate.

  • You look classy, cool and very British! It suits you, the no socks with suede loafers look. I used to buy shoes for a living, trust me I know what I’m talking about. X

  • I really liked this video.. thank you Matthew for this simple information… I will try it tonight or tomorrow…

  • Enjoyed this video. Very simple technique. Totally going to use it. And thank you for then adding the bit about what to say when he does come over. Brilliant :)

  • I enjoyed watching you speak than anything. Too cute. I think Im going to do the wave over. Funny how something so simple is uncommon. Lets see where this gets me.

  • I actually used that trick on my very first boyfriend! I was waiting for the bus outside college(with girl-friends), and he (and a friend) was passing by, then coming again and he kept looking at me… He did that like 3 times, and I waved at him to come. I separated myself from my friends and said “Hi”. I thought it was too daring and that he will always look at me like I did the first move or something. I always think of that moment like me being young and carefree, so I never did that again, now I regret it somehow, haha :D !!

  • Young Bill Clinton sees Hillary in a bar with her girlfriends, gives his smile and waves at her to come over.
    Arnold sees Maria across the bar and waves her over…not happening.
    Can you say, “Arff…?”

      1. I could be mistanken about his status, nevertheless Matthew has been wearing a ring in many videos. Check out “meet my mom” and Chris Karazin videos on youtube.

        Matt also mentioned in an interview that he wants to be able to be there one hundred percent for a girlfriend and since he’s working so hard at the present dating/commitment is on hold. It’s in a written interview you can find on google.

        1. He’s had that same ring on his RIGHT hand in videos for perhaps a year?

          Wedding bands go on the LEFT.
          Unless he moves it for videotaping only.

          Which, could be possible. ;) lol

  • I love this idea! My LONG post doesn’t pertain to Matthew’s video, but a co-worker suggestd something she did many years ago. She’s now HAPPILY married the second time for many years. Quite interesting perspective on how this occured!!! She had many men friends and kept boundaries with them. She and her husband were friends. She was always thinking what a great man he is; she wants a man like that…but not him. They both were NOT attracted to each other; she thought he was to quiet and he thought she talked to much. As they got to know each other as friends; she realized he was quiet in the beginning, but as friends he was a phenomenal coversationalist. One day, she saw him across the street and her heart ‘thumped’ for him. She had become attracted. I met him last night when he came to work on my home computer. He’s so sweet, patient and kind. I’m 57, but this information may be helpful and apply to all women. (So many men that were gorgeous in their 30’s don’t always age well and I would be open for a little spark instead of the fireworks.) Yet, hearing this story again several years later….I’m thinking this may be an option. I dont’ want to waste my time, but it’s an interesting perspective. I know you are super sonic busy, Matthew, but I hope you can respond to this; especially knowing we have all read your articles on the ‘friend zone.’

  • I also wanted to add, which Matthew probably did in his video, if you’re having fun and become more flirty with more eye contact; this is a cute way to meet someone.

  • I have always found myself wishing the guy I was making eye contact with for the whole night would just come over! This is such simple yet great advice. Thank you so much :)

  • Please disregard my very, very long blog below. I think it’s best to get to know someone through dating them. What I want to share with all of you is that Matthew Hussey does know what he’s talking about. His advice is INCREDIBLE!!! I just got off the phone with a man I have never met. And he was open to, but didn’t want to do the dinner or coffee meeting. So, art museum it shall be. I do know how looooong those meetings can be and as Matthew has stated…A first meeting is best when you create an experience together and are side by side. Now I have to go back and review the entire program I purchased…it is worth every penny. Thank you, Matthew for ALL of your wonderful advice!!!

  • How is this risk and rejection free? I first have to build up solid eye-contact, I’m already too shy for that!

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